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Some facts can lose their effect when they turn into a slogan that has become a buzzword. one of them ‘Smoking is harmful to health. ‘ fact. Yes, if you ask an addict who smokes dozens of cigarettes a day, he will say the same because this is the common result of thousands of studies on this subject. However, no one has given any thought to this fact. How harmful is smoking?

Only not smoking, all tobacco and tobacco products that come to mind also harm the human body. Although the harms of smoking, which causes us to lose our health day by day by paying tons of money, are not counted, we will start from somewhere and how harmful is smoking we will answer the question. Those who drink should quit as soon as possible, and those who don’t should stay away from this trick.

What harm does smoking do to you?

  • Causes irreversible lung damage.
  • It triggers heart and vascular diseases.
  • The main cause of reproductive problems is smoking.
  • The damage to the fetus during pregnancy affects the life of the baby.
  • It increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • It weakens the immune system.
  • It creates different eye and vision problems.
  • It negatively affects oral and dental health.
  • It damages skin and hair health.
  • It maximizes the risk of cancer.

Causes irreversible lung damage:

Since cigarette smoke is drawn directly into the lungs, it causes the greatest harm here. It’s not just the addictive nicotine in that smoke, , especially the tar used in asphalt productionThere are hundreds of harmful chemicals. Smoking increases lung cancer 25 times. 80% of the lung disorder known as COPD is caused by smoking. We do not even count diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. When these ailments progress, you have to be connected to the machine even to be able to breathe comfortably for once.

Triggers heart and vascular diseases:

We live thanks to the blood carried by the veins that extend to every part of our body. Even oxygen is carried by blood. this is smoking causes plaque to form in the veins and accordingly, it prevents the blood from circulating in the body. It creates the risk of gangrene by narrowing the vessels in the arms and legs. As if it were not enough, it also increases the risk of diseases such as stroke and stroke caused by blood clots, as it disrupts blood cells. Chest pain, on the other hand, remains a minor problem.

The main cause of reproductive problems is smoking:

Smoking reduces fertility as it directly affects the reproductive system in both men and women. It harms both the ovaries and uterus of women and affects the hormone level, while in men reduces sperm quality. In addition, erectile dysfunction that occurs with the deterioration of blood flow in men, impotence among the people, literally causes the disappearance of fertility.

The damage to the fetus during pregnancy affects the baby’s life:

Smoking in pregnant women harms not only themselves but also the baby they are carrying, namely the fetus. It reduces the birth weight of the baby, increases the risk of premature birth, increases the risk of sudden infant death, causes hemispheric anomaly and damages the lung, brain and central nervous system of the fetus. All these problems are problems that will affect the health of the baby throughout his life after birth.

Increases the risk of type 2 diabetes:

One of the lesser-known harms of tobacco and tobacco products is its negative effect on diabetes. According to the studies conducted by the World Health Organization, diabetes mellitus, which is called Type 2, which occurs later, is 30% to 40% more common in smokers is seen. The success of responding to treatment decreases in smokers with congenital diabetes mellitus called type 1.

It weakens the immune system:

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest enemy of the immune system, which we understand once again, is smoking. body is adequate which even prevents him from getting oxygen The immune system of the body, which cannot work normally due to tobacco and tobacco products, weakens day by day and the person becomes vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, when the person is sick, he has to deal with additional inflammations.

It creates different eye and vision problems:

Yes, smoking is harmful to the eyes. As it increases the risk of retinopathy due to diabetes, it also causes glaucoma problems known as dry eye and eye pressure at an early age. In eyes that become more sensitive with advancing age cataract and macular degeneration

Macular degeneration problems, known as , are also more common in smokers.

It negatively affects oral and dental health:

Of course, this poison-filled nicotine smoke does not pass our mouth, which is its first stop, and doubles the risk of gum disease. The swollen and sensitive tooth edollar series begins to bleed during brushing over time. Edollarseries weakened teeth also become sensitive over time and begin to loosen. Not to mention bad breath and cigarette-stained ugly teeth.

Damages skin and hair health:

After the mouth and teeth, the biggest signs of an unhealthy body are hair and skin. If your hair and skin are problematic, you are never as healthy as you think. Smoking not only increases the risk of skin cancer, but also prevents the nutrition of your skin and hair as it narrows the blood vessels and slows down the blood flow. The result is aged skin and lifeless hair in young people.

Maximizes cancer risk:

If you are a smoker, you may already be certain that you will get lung cancer, but this is not the only cancer caused by this bronch. According to studies of the American Cancer Society, smoking includes bladder cancer, stomach cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, and blood cancer. increases the risk between 20 and 30 times. Not 30%, but 30 times.

How does smoking harm your environment?

We talked about how tobacco and tobacco products decompose the user day by day, leading to death, but not only to the smoker, but also to the smoker. due to the spread of smoke also harms the people around. Some of the damages caused by the presence of a smoker, also called passive smoking, are as follows;

  • It increases the risk of flu and ear infections.
  • It triggers and worsens asthma attacks.
  • It causes blood pressure problems by increasing blood pressure.
  • Does damage to the heart.
  • It reduces the level of good cholesterol.

The environmental pollution caused by the cigarette butts thrown on the ground, the toxic smoke that smells bad and disturbs everyone, the environmental pollution caused by the cigarette packedollarserine, the harm caused by the waste produced by cigarette production factories to nature, It goes without saying that billions of liras are used annually for poisoning, that smokers are always nervous because of their nicotine addiction.

Smoking or whatever you call it, consuming tobacco and tobacco products It harms not only the drinker, but also the people around him and the nature.Get help by calling the health 171 smoking cessation hotline or accessing the website here, and stop poisoning yourselves out of sight.

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