One of the increasingly star-studded technology companies of recent times, Xiaomi announced its second quarter financial report at a meeting with its investors. Xiaomi, which carried out an event with smiling faces, announced that it was in the second quarter. $13.5 billion announced the win. This figure is compared to the same period last year. 64 percent increase

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Xiaomi, which broke a record for itself in almost every category, announced that MIUI users 453. reached 8 million said. This number of users is 32.1 percent higher than the same period last year. As you can imagine, the number of MIUI users also explains how many millions of Xiaomi and Redmi phone users worldwide.

Xiaomi is also on the rise in advertising revenues and the use of ecosystem products

Xiaomi did not only grow in the smartphone industry in the second quarter of 2021. The company’s ecosystem products there is a significant increase in the number of consumers purchasing. For example, the rate of use of smart televisions and smart television accessories on an annual basis. 34 percent increased. In the last quarter, the company has decreased from advertisements. 700 million dollars The proportional increase on an annual basis was 46.2 percent.

When we look at the smartphone industry, which is one of the categories where Xiaomi is the most popular, we can see that the company is in a leading position in the market of 22 countries. is explained. Saying that they are in the first place in Europe and especially in Southeast Asia, the officials said that the overall market share is to 16.7 percent they say they have reached. It will probably not surprise anyone to hear that Xiaomi has announced brand new records in the coming years. . .

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