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Creating an Apple ecosystem by taking the best of everything is the dream of many of us. Considering that there is no area left untouched by Apple, a Apple ecosystem there are many products and accessories that we need to buy. A Mac Pro for the home, a MacBook Pro for working out, an iPad Pro, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max in our pocket, the list goes on and on.

And if we take into account the current dollar rate and taxes, even on the first pen, the Mac Pro 6-digit fiyadollarara is easy to reach. And when we add watches, monitors, headphones and other accessories to the list, we get very close to 7-digit prices. Well state-of-the-art How many Dollars do Apple products cost? In this content, we look at the prices of top Apple products and talk about the features of these products.

Latest Apple products and pricesyellow:

  • Desktop: Mac Pro + Pro Display XDR + Magic Keyboard + Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad 2 / 664. 843.98 Dollars
  • Laptop:16 inch MacBook Pro / 75, 648.98 Dollars
  • Tablet: 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2021 + Apple Pencil + Magic Keyboard / 30. 317.00 Dollars
  • Phone: iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB / 19.999.00 Dollars
  • Smart watch:Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm) / 4.049.00 Dollars
  • Headphones: AirPods Max / 5. 699.00 Dollars
  • TV: Apple TV 4K 64GB / 2. 299.00 Dollars
  • Total price: 802. 855.96 Dollars

Mac Pro + Pro Display XDR and peripherals

  • Released: 2019

Today, when you want to establish an Apple ecosystem with the highest features in America, it is at the top of the list with a price of approximately 665 thousand liras. Mac Pro and accessories. Even if you only want to buy the case, Mac Pro, for which you have to pay 597,688 Dollars, is a complete marvel of technology. Powered by a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor with 4.4 GHz Turbo Boost in top hardware options, this beast offers 1.5 TB (12×128 GB) RAM and 8 TB SSD storage. On the graphics card part, two Radeon Pro Vega II Duos are used, each with 64GB of VRAM.

Well, let’s say you bought the Mac Pro, with which screen will you run this model, which is one of the most powerful computers for personal use. In this case, it was announced with the 2019 Mac Pro. Pro Display XDR will be one of your first choices. Pro Display XDR, the world’s only 32-inch Retina display with 6K resolution, stands out with its modes for every usage scenario. With 1.073 billion colors, 1600 nits brightness, and 20.4 million pixel resolution, Pro Display XDR is an inseparable duo with the top-of-the-line Mac Pro.

16-inch MacBook Pro

  • Released: 2020

You got your desktop computer and you work from home, but what about your laptop that you can carry with you and work anywhere? At this point, the best laptop 2020 model you can choose to establish the highest level Apple ecosystem 16-inch MacBook Pro As you know, 13-inch MacBook Pro models with Apple M1 chip are also on sale. But the model where you can access the highest hardware features is still the 2020 MacBook Pro. Powered by an 8-core and 2.3 GHz 9th generation Intel i9 processor, this model offers 64 GB RAM at 2666 MHz and 8 TB SSD. In the external graphics card part, one of AMD’s powerful mobile cards, the Radeon Pro 5600M with 8 GB VRAM is used. With all these features, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be the best laptop you can buy under Apple standards.

12. 9-inch iPad Pro 2021 + Apple Pencil + Magic Keyboard

  • Release date: 2021

If you say that carrying a laptop is not enough for me, you can throw an iPad in my bag and get things done from there, your next stop in the Apple ecosystem 2021 iPad Pro With the latest innovations and interface improvements, iPad Pro, which does not look like MacBooks, allows you to do almost everything you do with a laptop thanks to Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard accessories. When the 13-inch screen is combined with the Magic Keyboard, iPad Pro; it becomes a device where you can handle everything from visual design to music production and even 4k video editing.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB

  • Released: 2020

The most indispensable part of an Apple ecosystem will undoubtedly be the mobile phone. It will be with you every moment of the day and will work fully with your other Apple devices. iPhone 12 Pro Max, if 512 GB storage space is selected, it reaches you to 20 thousand Dollars. Produced with 11.8 billion transistors, 16 cores and 5 nm architecture, the 12 Pro Max, which comes with the A14 Bionic processor, one of the latest technology wonders of Apple, gives this processor its right with its Super Retina XDR display.

Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm)

  • Released: 2020

When building an Apple ecosystem, the only thing you won’t miss is the abundance of accessories. The only accessory that will be a perfect pair with your iPhone 12 Pro Max phone is the one you will wear on your arm. Apple Watch Series 6. Apple Watch, which is with you while you sleep, doing sports and any other activity you can think of, saves lives when your phone is not with you. You can make calls, send messages and play music without taking your phone out of your bag, and you can also check your health values. In fact, with Series 6, you can take an ECG whenever you want and measure the oxygen value in your blood.

AirPods Max

  • Released: 2020

After gathering so many accessories, you will also need a quality earphone to play and work quietly. If your goal is to minimize environmental noise AirPods Max will become one of the essential accessories of your Apple ecosystem. This is because AirPods Max come with cutting-edge Active Noise Cancellation. AirPods Max also offers active activation and adaptive EQ technologies thanks to the Apple H1 chips on both sides, each of which has 10 audio cores. At the same time, thanks to the sensors in these chips, Apple also offers spatial audio technology to users along with amic head tracking feature.

Apple TV 4K

  • Release date: 2021

You’ve finally left a workday behind and all you want to do is sit back and watch some of your favorite shows, Apple TV 4K will always be as close as a remote. The 4K version of Apple TV, which comes with the A12 Bionic chip, supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies. Finally, we have completed the last part of the Apple ecosystem that we have established with Apple TV, that is, at least on paper. About 803 thousand “units” it’s up to you to dream of other things you can do instead of building this ecosystem. But before that, let’s see all the products we talked about. US unit price in yellow

Let’s take a look at .

How much is the total US price of the products?

  • Desktop: Mac Pro + Pro Display XDR + Magic Keyboard + Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad 2 / $61,843.98
  • Laptop: 16-inch MacBook Pro / $7,198.98
  • Tablet: 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021 + Apple Pencil + Magic Keyboard / $2,877.00
  • Phone:iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB / 1. $399.00
  • Smart watch:Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm) / $529
  • Headphones: AirPods Max / $549
  • TV: Apple TV 4K 64GB / $199
  • Total price: $74,595.96

While the total price of our fictitious Apple ecosystem that we have built on paper is 803 thousand Dollars in our country, the total US price of the exact same products is 74.500 Dollars. Unfortunately, even when both the dollar rate and taxes are taken into account, there is a serious unit difference. What do you guys think about this? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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