Last week, a technology company based in Israel, NSO Group’s spyware From Pegasus we told you about it. The software, which was claimed to be used by the governments of at least 10 countries, including America, provided instant tracking of the target.

The use of the software by government also; It gave rise to the idea that journalists, activistdollarserin, their men and government officials were among the targets pursued. This naturally caused panic. Now, the BBC is saying that this spyware, which caused quite a stir, how it works showed the victim – perpetrator roles in detail.

The person being watched does not know what is being done in any way:

In the shared video, two BBC reporters victim and perpetrator exemplifies their roles and one watches while the other performs their normal daily activities. Of course, the reporter in the victim role doesn’t know when to watch and when not to watch.

Activities begin with a purchase. The person being watched here takes the pencil. microphone on. During this time, the victim is unaware as no warning is given.

Then when renting a bike to the victim’s camera is being accessed. As in the microphone, here too, the camera of the person being watched unknown is being accessed and additionally between the front and rear cameras can be passed easily.

If later to location information

We see that has been accessed. The reporter watching the victim, not with an occasional update, instantly especially emphasizes the transfer of location information.

In the evening, the screen of the victim’s phone is displayed and it is seen that he is playing a game at that time. Besides, at the top app activity is also clearly displayed. on these apps notifications too.

When it comes to the end, the reporter who is watched during this process says that he knows he is being watched, but that didn’t realize when it happened says. Your phone is also in this regard; reporter stating no battery warning, notification or unusual response, that the data is instantly transferred to the other party, even if he does not realize it. highlights.

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