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If you bought a new computer or monitor and you think there is a problem with the picture, you can see if there really is a problem with the dead pixel test. When a problem occurs as a result of the latest dead pixel test of 2021, you can return the computer or monitor to the company you bought it from or replace it.

Images on laptop screens, smart TVs, and other monitors are the result of thousands of tiny pixels coming together. The problem with a single-pixel does not have a major negative effect on the image at the moment, but the problem seen as a result of the dead pixel test may be a harbinger of bigger problems in the coming days because even a single dead pixel is an indication of a malfunction.

ölü piksel testi

So, how is the dead pixel test done? The dead pixel test is a test that each user can easily perform at their home with their own means. Moreover, you do not have to pay any fees to do such a test. There are dozens of different websites and videos where you can test dead pixels. We answered the question of how to do a dead pixel test, which can be easily applied by users who think there is a problem with their monitor, and we explained the points you need to pay attention to.

How do monitor the dead pixel test?

Step # 1: Make sure you thoroughly clean your monitor.

Step # 2: Open the dead pixel test website from here.

Step # 3: With the F11 key, you can run the test on full screen.

Step # 4: Continue until the test is complete.

Step # 5: If you see dead pixels on your monitor as a result of the test, you can contact the manufacturer.

Step # 1: Make sure you thoroughly clean your monitor:

A black spot that you see on the screen during the dead pixel test that you think is a dead pixel may actually be dust stuck to the screen. Therefore, be sure to clean the screen completely before running the test. You can learn tips on successful monitor cleaning here.

Step # 2: Open the dead pixel test website:

ölü piksel testi

Since the dead pixel test is a basic test based on colors, you can find tests in many different sources on the subject. Each is basically designed to perform the same test. After opening the site, start the dead pixel test and follow the directions step by step to complete the test.

You can open a dead pixel test video with a preference

You can find dead pixel test videos on many different video platforms like YouTube. When you start the video, you will see many different basic colors sequentially. Let the colors alternate and do the test to the end. Color changes may occur as the player will open when you stop the video. For this reason, complete the test without stopping it or doing the back and forth operation.

Step # 3: With the F11 key, you can run the test in full screen:

If you are using a video to test for dead pixels, you can use the full screen button on the player. If you are performing this test on a website, press the F11 key to make sure the test covers all pixels on the screen. After the test is over, you can exit the full screen by pressing the F11 key again.

ölü piksel testi

Step # 4: Continue until the test is complete:

All the colors you see on any device screen consist of primary colors such as black, white, red, green and blue and a mixture of these colors. Therefore, these basic colors will appear during the dead pixel test. You can increase the brightness of the screen to get a clearer image.

ölü piksel testi

Step # 5: If you see a dead pixel on your monitor as a result of the test, you can contact the manufacturer:

Look carefully at the screen during the dead pixel test. If you see any black, white, or another not-normal color dot, it means that the spot is a dead pixel. You can also test from different sources to be sure. After you are sure, you can request a return or change by contacting the manufacturer.

ölü piksel

Why do dead pixels occur on the monitor?

The most common cause of dead pixels on laptop screens, smart TV and other monitors is a factory defect. In other words, dead pixels may be found on the screen due to a problem experienced during the production of the device or carelessness. Another reason for dead pixels on the monitor is user-induced accidents such as bumps and falls. The device may cause a dead pixel problem as a result of the impact received by such an accident. Even in such a case, not a few dead pixels can be seen on the device, which are spread over a very large area.

ölü piksel

You may see different software claiming to fix the dead pixel problem, but since this is a purely technical problem, it can only be fixed by a part or a complete screen replacement. If the dead pixel is caused by a factory defect, you can return or replace the product. If the problem is caused by user error, you may need to pay a fee for its solution.

If you think there is a problem with the screen of your computer, mobile device or smart TV, you can find out if there is a dead pixel that will distort the image with the dead pixel test. You can return devices with dead pixels due to factory defects or request a replacement.

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