Although most users prefer to use full screen applications on the computer, it may be necessary to divide the screen into two, three or four, especially in business-oriented uses. Microsoft on Windows 10split screen

It already provides a manual solution for . WellWindows 11

How will this happen in ?

The leak of the Windows 11 ISO file has revealed new functionalities as well as the design of the next generation operating system. Accordingly, with Windows 11split screen operation according to user’s requirementauto and users will simply drag the applications they want to the sections on the screen.

According to the shared screenshots, you can use the mouse cursor in a window in Windows 11‘Maximize’

When you hover over the (top right) button, you will see different screen splitting options. screenyou can divide it in half or in half in 2:3 ratio. you will also be able to divide one half into two quarters into three or four quarters into four.

Although the feature in question offers a simple screen splitting process, it will provide a practical use especially for professional workers. Of course, whether the feature is actually functional or not is a bit how much.flexibility will be linked to what he has to offer. Whether the size of the partitions can be changed or whether different layout options are offered will be one of the biggest factors here.

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