In a crowded city, what would be your reaction if someone wants to take a look at your internet history and photos?

Google has been doing this for many years for targeted ads. We share some of the key ways to protect yourself from Google and your privacy. You’ll be amazed at what Google is watching about you.

Are you worried about the security of your personal information? Apparently, if we’re on the internet, we don’t have any big worries in the real world. Most people forget what they ate last night, the internet does not forget.

Google is an important part of the internet’s memory. Our personal information is collected in the hands of Google for free services. The firm is also using this information to serve ads according to our interests. As a matter of fact, we are in a strange situation where a person we do not know knows much about us. Worse, people get used to this situation.

Can we access our personal information or control them? Thanks to the legal requirements, we say sun Yes Yasal. Google allows us to control almost every data we provide. He only requires us to make small adjustments. It also stores the settings out of reach of end users.

Step 1: Download your information stored on Google in bulk

Google allows you to bulk download the data from each service you use your account. In addition to cloud options such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, you can also request a link to save your data directly to your hard drive.

Click here to go to the Google data request page,

  • From the list that appears, select the applications or services you want to download your data to,
  • Click Next Step to select the archive format,
  • In the delivery method, answer the question of where you want to download the data (we suggest you request a connection via email),
  • Choose from.ZIP or.TGZ as the file type (we recommend .ZIP),
  • In the archive size section, you can limit the size of your data files. If you have a larger amount of data than the size you enter, Google will send you the data by fragmenting it.
  • If you select a file larger than 2 GB, your data is being sent in. ZIP64 format.
  • In the third and last step, click on Create Archive to wait,

If you wish to create another archive, you can select the service or applications one by one and request your data. Google says it will respond to requests for archives ”within hours or days Google. This depends on how you use Google services. If you’re a YouTube content producer, the size is increasing because your YouTube videos are included. If you are an end user, it takes up to 1 day for your data to reach you.

Warning: If your data on Google is more than 15-20 GB, free storage on cloud platforms in the list will be insufficient, and you will probably have to purchase additional storage.

By checking your downloaded data, you’ll be able to see more closely what Google knows about you.

You’re likely to be a little shocked at this stage. The following example shows location information for 3 years:

What you need to do to hide this and more information from Google is pretty simple. Let’s explain to them now.

Step 2: Be almost invisible to Google

  • To do so, go to, where you’ll find detailed settings for your Google accounts.
  • From the menu on the left, click Data and Personalization.
  • At the top of the page that opens, click the “Review your privacy settings ın section. Go to the Privacy Control page by clicking on asına Get Started Alt.
  • On this page, you see what information Google has recorded. There are different items under 7 headings.
    You have to look at all of these and turn on the options that are turned on.
  • But stop! Google doesn’t allow you to interrupt your data flow without leaving the page here. Therefore, by clicking on the On options, we have to cut the data flow in each header one by one.

For example, click on the word button Open işlem next to Web and Application Activity in under ”Personalize your 1st Google experience, turn off the button on the page that appears and goes back to the previous page and perform this operation for all Örneğin On I data sources.

Step 3: See all previously saved data from Google

At this stage, we will take a closer look at our personal data, which Google has recorded and has to show us legally.

Click here to go to the Activity Control page. The resulting page lists your activities on Google in groups.
For example, by clicking. Manage History önce button under önce Location History, we can see where we were before. Your location information can go up to 3 years ago, as you can see above. In the same way, you can find a record of the voice queries you make to Google Now from the Google ın Speech and Voice Event ız card.

You can also access the history of your actions from other cards in other services.


In the first step, we requested the personal information that Google recorded. In the second step, we have seen how to prevent this information from being saved. In the third step, we had the chance to see the information Google recorded.

These three steps once again reveal the safety and importance of our personal information. Although Google is a company that exceeds the limits of security, it’s hard to forget what happened to Facebook last year. In the event of any information leakage or seizure of your Google account, all of this information is in the hands of people you have never met.

We will continue our personal information recovery guides. Do not forget to share your opinions, suggestions, and comments with us.

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