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To find out if we are a gaming addict with you in the past weeks. we worked. Even looking at the comments on this content, how serious the situation is and how people is gradually becoming addicted to the game was enough to understand. Our current goal is from this game addiction that eats our sadollar series.

get rid of .

All of the items I have mentioned may differ from person to person and unfortunately for advanced gaming addicts these recommendations may not work. With these recommendations, you realize that you still have not made any progress on the way you set out, and conveys the subject to experts. in therapy and treatment style It would be beneficial to get help. After all, it may not be that easy to get rid of the game addiction that causes dopamine release. Let’s take a look at what are the factors that helped get rid of this addiction, hoping that it won’t get so serious.

What is dopamine, one of the biggest culprits of addiction?

Dopamine is what our bodies can produce and ourselves. makes us feel much better. Of course, there are ways to get this dopamine from the outside, and unfortunately many of these ways do us more harm than good.

Our brain is just like as in alcohol and drug consumption while playing games, we release dopamine and we feel more enjoyable and happy thanks to dopamine. In fact, one of the biggest reasons behind game addiction is this dopamine release. Our brain already releases dopamine while we sleep at night and extra secreted We can become addicted to the game because of dopamine. Just like other addictions, our body will want to turn to the source of dopamine, your computer, at the first moment of dopamine deprivation.

1- Admit that you are addicted to the game.

There is a fact that you have to accept before starting this business, and that is you are addicted to the game. If you do not accept this fact, the methods you will apply will not have any effect. When I looked at the comments on the previous content, I realized that people were uncomfortable with the comparison of game and cigarette addiction.

Smoking directly harms our lungs, gradually takes our health, and it remains like cotton candy next to game addiction, I admit. However, this addiction also occupies a significant part of our lives and keeps us away from social life. Although the damages of the two are very different from each other, in the end damage is damage. So we have to admit that they are both different types of addictions and it is quite difficult to get rid of both.

2- Set a time that you will never exceed the limits

First to get rid of game addiction owning your will is required. The better you can control your willpower, the easier it will be to get rid of this addiction.

If you trust yourself with your willpower, the first thing you do is time limitation should be put. If you play 9 to 10 hours a day instead of suddenly sinking start delimiting with a schedule like 5 – 6 hours first, then 2 – 3 hours. Try never to cross this limit, except in exceptional circumstances (whatever exception to play it might be).

3- Move to another activity in the remaining vacidoles

As you start to shorten your game playing time, the amount of time you will spend idle will increase considerably. Doing nothing in this solemnism instead of plunging into the void review your favorite (other than playing games) activities and start doing whatever suits you best.

Of course, many players will view such activities with great bias. There is no puzzle, no lego, although it may seem like they will not replace playing games at first, learning something new in the future and using your talent in other areas

You will understand how nice it feels .

4- Play the game with strangers, not your friends

Now what relevance foreigners might say. I will cover this advice with first-hand experience. The pleasure of playing the game with a friend is truly another. The pleasure you get during the game even if you lose, the location of defeat can fill in successfully.

When you play with strangers, things are just the opposite. The game is not fun but a complete one. competitive environment transforms and you can attribute defeat to this person in the smallest mistake of your teammate.

Also, if you come across someone who comes to troll the game and just swears nonsense, it is inexhaustible. As you continue to meet these people, as the game turns out of fun and into a competition for you a ni nervousness, anger paddles

You will live and slowly start cooling down from the game.

5- Reward the body you wear on the screen with sports.

Playing sports is fun, we agree that it is fun, but the game physically caused damages also should not be forgotten. Saadollarserce sitting on the sofa and offering restrained movement to our arms and even not moving our legs at all will not only make our body lazy but also bring many health problems.

The pain of all the evil you have done to your body while you play by doing sports. At first, you may be lazy and abstain from feeling tired, but later on feeling fit and healthy “how have I been so still so far”

It will allow you to say .

6- Create a new comfort zone for yourself

Have you ever thought why it is so hard to stop playing games? Whenever we run into an upsetting event, fight with someone, or experience something we don’t want where we first ran is usually a computer head. Because playing games makes us feel good, and because of this feeling, our computer comfort zone.

Since it is not easy to get out of the comfort zone, it becomes more and more difficult for us to stop playing games. For this reason, our creation of a new comfort zone is required. We need to find something new to feel comfortable with as much as we feel while playing the computer. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about fun. Learning a new language, enrolling in a new sport or like taking skates and going out on the street Choosing things that are both entertaining and for our benefit will allow us to rebuild a comfort zone for ourselves. Of course, all these hobby efforts, when the pandemic is over will give much more successful results.

7- Be careful not to be alone

When you are alone, the first thing you turn to will be to play games. Most players though even when he’s not alone prefers to play games, but having people around you may prevent you from playing games and you should take this opportunity well.

Try to spend more time with people you can chat with and share things with. In this way, the fun of the game also from other sources and your mind will start to drift less to gaming.

8- If all this doesn’t work, start a dopamine diet

We tried to reduce the game gradually and leave the body without tiring too much, but we failed

Let’s say . This time take the difficulty to the next level dopamine diet

Try to do . The aim of the dopamine diet is to prevent extra secreted dopamine and to reduce this level. to normalize. To achieve this, all you need to do is to stop playing completely for at least 1 month. I use Steam for 1 month, if they are Batdollar. net or wherever you play the game from your computer. completely

Remove . It even takes the job a little further and all games too.

At first 1 month may seem like a very long time, but give yourself time and the effects of playing games on your body. to get rid of the feeling of fake mudollars

Study . At the end of 1 month, your body will no longer feel the lack of dopamine and you will start to see the long periods you spend on games as a waste of time.

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