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Even small changes in the initial data of a system can lead to large and unpredictable results in chaos theory. In the famous example of Edward N. Lorenz, who tried to explain the subject to people in the simplest way, A butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon Jungle It is said to cause storms in the USA. For this reason, this situation is called the butterfly effect.

The Butterfly Effect has little effect on our series of articles, or how ordinary-looking events can have huge effects. we will explain. From time to time we will go to the World Wars, sometimes we will examine some events in different countries.

Let’s go back to the Second World War first

In the Second World War, Japan and the United States had faced each other. The winner of the war was the USA, which dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. For the improvement of relations between Japan and the US in the peace treaties signed after Japan’s surrender commercial partnerships and support agreement had been signed.

After this agreement, the USA food aid too started to do. At this point, a problem arose for Americans: the transportation of food. To solve this problem, support would be taken from traditional food storage methods.

The metal industry, which increased its production during the war years, suggested the use of metal canned food to use the material it had. The US administration, which also wanted to sell US taxpayers, decided that metal cans could now be transformed in Japan, while expanding these restrictions so that Japan, which has limited industrial opportunities, can produce some things itself. After all, the Japanese have been Canned waste of American soldiers was converting.

It was a very lousy tin but …

Production cost to minimize The metal sent by the Americans using thin metal layers would enable impellers to work in a different sector in Japan. This sector is from the toy industry was nothing more.

Due to metal deprivation during the Second World War years Lego

While companies like stand out, then number of metal toys was starting to increase. In Japan, he decided to turn his cheap and not-so-good metals into toys.

Among the most popular toys in Japan of that era tin cars and wind-up robodolsar. There was a wind-up robot that did just about anything: some took off a hat, some danced, others just walked. It was clear from their appearance that they were robots.

It’s time to tell the story of Robodolsar

The first person to find the word robot is from the Czech Republic, one of the legends of science fiction literature. Karel Capek. The robot idea, first introduced in the 1930s, attracted great attention in Japan. Robodollarsar has an important place in the manga that emerged with the inspiration of comics.

Astro Boy, Tetsujin 28-Go

Series and toys such as (or known as Gigantor), Shogun Warriors attracted great attention, while the stories of the characters were told through manga and anime. The toys of the series that were held at that time were made, not the series describing toys.

Action toy for men that was very popular at the time G. I. Joe was to be put up for sale in Japan by the Japanese firm Takara. Selling the toys of the American soldiers who had the wounds of the war would have been a very wrong move considering the war 30 years ago. Therefore Takara turned the character into a robot and Henshin Warrior.

No plastic. No plastic?

1970s Oil Crisis caused the toys to shrink first. Japanese toy manufacturers, who want to use the few resources they have, also wanted the new toys to be transformed. In this period we face Microman and Diaclon is out. Less plastic was needed to make these toys. Moreover, where they could not overcome the oil crisis, they could make old-style transformed metal toys.

These toys, which protect the metal parts even if they are returned to plastic afterwards, Power Rangers paved the way for transforming toys like giant robodollarsar in the series. However, the Japanese children were tired of the robodollarar that now went into space, the stories that were far from them. Toy manufacturers then decided to follow a different path: Robodols would bring yellow into our daily lives.

Why do these look alike?

At first, Diaclone and Microman, which were independent series in different sizes, over time became more and more alike. These toys were also attracting the attention of American toy companies at that time, but we had not yet seen the American genius in marketing.

The Micro Change and Diaclone Robo Car series had begun to achieve great success with their ability to turn into items we can use in daily life and 1:60 scale cars, respectively. Hasbro had a very different idea: to collect them and market them under one brand. If this brand is Transformers.

Transformers’ stories come from Marvel

With the help of Marvel, Transformers’ i sims, characters and stories was also formed. With the toys going on sale, Transformers has turned into a worldwide phenomenon by disabling its competitors one by one.

In my childhood Soundwave and My Optimus Prime. Over time, many different Transformers series have emerged. For games, comics, movies, Hasbro bought almost all the transforming toys in Japan. It all started with metal cans of canned food going to Japan.

Thus, the Transformers that we have given you origin story we have also explained. You can read the other articles of the series from the links below. What was your favorite Transformers character? We are waiting your comments.

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