Sean GK

Written and to be directed by X The End Time

Hollywood stars are getting ready to come to America for the movie . May 2021

The scenes of the action movie planned to be released in , which will take place in America, will be shot in New York and Izmir.

Starring in X The End Time, he has appeared in many films such as Terminator 3, BloodRayne, and the Freedom Fighter. Kristanna Loken; From the saw series Costas Mandylor and Tom Tidiman.

As well as Hollywood stars Such a Passing Time, who succeeded in making his name known to the wide kidols. Wilma Elles will also star in X The End Time. fragment

If shots In Izmir, it was stated that it will be held in Selçuk and Seferihisar.

During the three-day shooting, the famous actors who will be in Izmir, after the shooting, to visit aryan and famous places was expressed. Other details about the movie have not been announced yet.

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