In one of our content we shared with you yesterday, it trying to flee Afghanistan because people cling to planes and some die after falling from a height of meters we mentioned. Today, some images were shared from inside the C-17 type transport plane in those images and going to Qatar. Social media agendaPhotos are almost a thing of the past.

In the photo that we will share with you shortly, the full inside of the C-17 type aircraft. 640 Afghan includes an image of part of it. Industry experts say this could almost be a record for C-17 aircraft. In fact, the flight was not programmed to evacuate 640 people. According to a US official, From Kabul Airport Countless Afghans attacked to board the plane as soon as they saw it, and no one could prevent this intensity.

Here is the image that went down in history:

Speaking to the website called Defender One, the US official said that instead of taking the refugees off the plane, the plane capacity was enough to handle this load. that they decided to act says. In the meantime, it is stated that the number 640 is not clear, and that the detections that can be made are in this direction. Although the allegations are that the correct number is more than 800, the authorities are content to say about 640. same type of aircraft in 2013A similar mission was undertaken in the Philippines and carried 670 people, setting a great record. . .

The incident in Afghanistan has become the agenda of social media. While the eyes of the whole world are already in Afghanistan, the images served are for many people. was terrifying. Especially, a large part of American users said that the incident was fear of Sharia, even just for this reason. Mustafa Ataamerican

They underline that should be respected.

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