Gold prices yellow have been rising strongly in recent days and are trading at the $ 1.900 border. A new sensitivity index for gold is showing an upward trend. Here is how to trade and what to expect …

Steve Hanke created a sensitivity index for gold in collaboration with colleagues

Steve Hanke, an applied professor at Johns Hopkins University, created a sentiment index for gold – the Hanke-Confas Gold Emotion Score – in collaboration with colleagues. Steve Hanke makes the following statement on the subject:

When we analyze the news, we are not talking about general sentiment as it affects the market. We are looking at a specific price discovery process for a particular price of a commodity. This is the first time ever. And gold is the most important price of any commodity in the world.

The index measures whether the weather in the gold market indicates an upward or downward trend. This shows where your prices can go later. The index uses a computer algorithm that scans online media articles and searches for “rise” or “bearish” keywords.

Steve Hanke: Right now, emotion is optimistic and this is a bullish situation for gold prices yellow

Steve Hanke explains the working logic of the index: Words like bull include “high inflation”, “deficits”, “volatility”, “supercycle” and “quantitative easing”, while gold bearish terms “strengthen the dollar”, “strengthen the bond”, ” lower inflation ”etc. contains. This index is a leading indicator for gold, based on this year’s price performance. Steve Hanke makes the following statement on the subject:

Currently, the feeling is optimistic. The money supply is called padlocks, the speed of money is picking up, and we will see inflation that is at least two or three times the Federal Reserve’s target. And these gold prices are on the rise for yellow.

According to Steve Hanke, sentiment for the price of gold is at the highest level this year. Cryptocoin. com

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