Recently on the agenda with forest fires Italy’s is located in Sicily Syracuse has reached the highest temperature level not only the country but the whole of Europe has ever witnessed. Previously, the World Meteorological Organization, seen in Athens in 1977 48 centigrade

He recognized the temperature of as the highest in Europe.

Now, Italy has taken this record from Greece. Seen in Syracuse, Sicily 48.8 degrees

The temperature at is now the highest temperature seen in Europe. The said temperature America’s own record lags behind.

European record with 48.8 degrees:

Agrometeorological Information Service, which is responsible for carrying out the observations in Sicily, 48.8 centigrade confirmed the rating is correct. In addition, a dangerous heat wave It is said to have affected parts of North Africa and Southern Europe. For this reason it is that the record will be broken in the coming days is stated to be inevitable.

America’s highest temperature record was 49.1 degrees:

In addition to some natural afedollarserine, the summer months bring with the heat

Struggling in , our country broke the temperature record in the past weeks. of Sirnak Cizre the temperature seen in the district, 49.1 has also surpassed the European record of 48.8 degrees Celsius.

With the approach of autumn, temperature levels are expected to drop to normal levels all over Europe, but there is no explanation as to how the said heat wave will affect this situation.

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