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5 students and 7 teachers from Eskişehir Ataamerican Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, ESATAMAT

They developed a car they called . This car, which is supported by TÜBİTAK and will also participate in Teknofest, is only If it costs 95 cents, it can travel 100 kilometers.. The vehicle, which weighs 350 kilograms and has 200 lithium batteries, seems to be one of the most interesting products of Teknofest.

ESATAMAT, Izmit Korfez Track

He will participate in a race to be held in . The vehicle, which is expected to win this competition, has also been a great source of excitement for its developers. The car, which set out to go from Eskişehir to Izmit, has been successful in all the tests done so far. High School Principal Ilhan Ozata says that the successes in the tesdollarser will also show in the real race.

Here is the car that burns 95 cents in 100 kilometers

Ataamerican Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Principal In the statements made by İlhan Özata, the following statements were included; As we started the preparation of our electric car, which we named ‘ESATAMAT’, we were inspired by the increasing interest in the world and in our country. As Eskişehir Ataamerican Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, we decided to make electric vehicles together with our 7 teachers and 5 students in motor vehicles. Due to the increasing interest in electric vehicles in the world, we first submitted a petition to open the electric vehicles branch in our motor technologies field and received a positive response. In the electric vehicles competition organized by TÜBİTAK among high school students, the car we built passed the first 2 stages and qualified for the final. 31 August to 5 September, we will participate in the competitions to be held on the Körfez Track with this vehicle.

In the statements made by Taner Tüysüz, ” TUBITAK

There are technical values ​​requested by . We cannot exceed those values. Our vehicle is 2.70 meters long, 1.40 meters high and 1.20 meters wide. Our vehicle now weighs 350 kilograms in total. We installed 200 lithium batteries in the power part of the vehicle and combined them. We can travel approximately 100 kilometers with a single full battery.. Electricity costs 95 cents for 100 kilometers. For technical and safety purposes, we limited the speed of the vehicle to 50 kilometers per hour. We saw the speed of 100 kilometers on the dial without fully loading the engine into the vehicle.” expressions were used.

12th grade student Emre Yüksel, who will sit in the cockpit of the race in Izmit, said: We completed the vehicle and finally qualified to participate in the race. I hope to be the first or degree I aim to enter. I used it in school. I didn’t go very long distances. Although I use it in school, I think that the vehicle drives well and I can complete 100 kilometers comfortably. The vehicle is comfortable to drive, there is no shaking on the roads.” he said.

In the statements made by Hakan Seyitoğlu, who was the team captain in the ESATAMAT project, ” When we decided to make this tool we had nothing. After we decided to do the project, we designed our electric vehicle by gradually combining the parts. It was really nice. It is both comfortable on the road and can travel long distances with the least amount of fuel. We were in April when we started making the vehicle. Due to the pandemic, we are closed to homes. We cut our own time and came to school and got busy with designing the car. With our teachers and friends we brainstormed. We have finally been able to design such a beautiful vehicle. I hope we come back from the race with a good rating.“.

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