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Preparing detailed reports on how we spend our time online, We Are Social announced the world’s most used social media platforms. According to the current list, Facebook is challenging China with its application, which is at the top of the list.

Social media… It is an indispensable part of our daily life (for many of us), which is in our language at least as much as we use it, about which we constantly comment, research and deduce. If we look at ourselves, it is not difficult to understand that we have a lot of social media usage as a country.

Let’s also look at the global social media statistics and see which are the most used social media platforms in the world. If you think, “There is no need for research, here are the social media platforms we always know…”, you are wrong. There are also social media platforms on the list that you probably haven’t heard of before.

The most used social media platforms and monthly active users in the world:
  • Facebook – 2.4 billion monthly active users
  • YouTube – 2 billion monthly active users
  • WhatsApp – 1.6 billion monthly active users
  • Messenger – 1.3 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram – 1 billion monthly active users
  • WeChat – 1.2 billion monthly active users
  • TikTok – 689 million monthly active users
  • QQ – 731 million monthly active users
  • Sina Weibo – 497 million monthly active users
  • Telegram – 500 million monthly active users
  • SnapChat – 382 million monthly active users
  • Kuaishou – 316 million monthly active users
  • Reddit – 430 million monthly active users
  • Twitter – 340 million monthly active users
  • Pinterest – 322 million monthly active users
  • Quora – 300 million monthly active users

Facebook does not lose its crown to anyone

Although it seems to have lost its popularity in recent years, it seems that Facebook is still the most used social media platform in the world. Facebook has a monthly active user count of 2.740 billion, a senior of social media platforms. He may not have meant anything when he saw it like that. What if we say more than China’s population?


YouTube, the pioneer of video-sharing platforms

It all started with a video shot at the San Diego Zoo in 2005. Continuing to grow with firm steps since then, YouTube is now the second most visited website in the world and the second most used social media platform in the world. YouTube’s monthly active users are 2.3 billion.

WhatsApp, which we anticipate with anticipation,

You will remember the user migration from WhatsApp to Telegram in the past months due to WhatsApp’s unresponsive confidentiality agreement. With the escalation of the events, WhatsApp delayed the acceptance of the contract to May. Now, when May comes, what will be the reaction of users is a matter of curiosity. All that aside, WhatsApp remains the third (at least for now) on the list, with 2 billion monthly active users.


Facebook’s messaging application Facebook Messenger

Launched in 2011, Facebook Messenger is the fourth of the most popular social media platforms and 1.3 billion active users per month.

facebook messenger

Instagram, the pioneer of photo and video sharing platforms

Are you one of those who use Instagram or are you living for Instagram? Or are you one of those who realized that they spent too much time on the platform and got bored and then deleted the application and installed it? The potential monthly advertising impact of Instagram, which has become an important part of our lives in one way or another, is 1.221 billion.

WeChat little known social media platforms in US


WeChat, China’s multipurpose messaging, payment and social media platform, is the sixth of the world’s most used social media platforms. Some of WeChat’s popularity is related to China’s population, but of course, the features (payment tool, etc.) that distinguish WeChat from other social media platforms are also important. The number of monthly active users of WeChat can also be used in Turkey 1.213 billion.

TikTok where people from every wire can be found


TikTok, the most downloaded app of 2020, had a quick introduction to our lives in 2016, but gained its popularity a little later. The video-sharing application TikTok currently has 689 billion monthly active users.

Instant messaging app QQ

China-based IT company Tencent QQ instant messaging application, remove it, many of the most popular social media platforms in the world not known in Turkey. In addition to the messaging service, the application offers its users features such as online games, music, shopping, group and voice chat, and microblogging. The monthly active users of QQ are 617 million.

Micro blog site Sina Weibo

China’s microblogging website Sina Weibo was founded in 2016 and now has 511 million monthly active users.




Telegram, which many of us see as the counterpart / competitor of WhatsApp due to the crisis in WhatsApp in the past months, is an end-to-end encryption application established in 2013. In fact, Telegram, which was popular before the WhatsApp events, now has 500 million active users.

Snapchat, the forerunner of lost content after a certain period of time

We can say that Snapchat, which put the experience of instant sharing into our lives and lost it to Instagram after a while, is still popular. The application has a potential advertising effect of 498 million and the number of active users per month is 498 million.

Video sharing mobile app Kuaishou

This may be one of the social media platforms you haven’t heard of before. Kuaishou, founded by a China-based company, is possible to say the rival of TikTok. The application, which is based on the logic of shooting and sharing short videos from daily life, was the most downloaded application in Google Play and App Store in eight countries in 2020. Kuaishou’s monthly active users are 481 million.

Reddit, where everyone can find a suitable community

Founded in 2005, we can say that Reddit is a forum logic site. There are various communities on the site. Depending on your interests, you can join the community you want and exchange ideas with people who are interested in the same subject.

Image-heavy sharing site Pinterest


Pinterest, which contains more than 2 billion pins (content), has 442 million monthly active users. Pinterest, which is very common in our country, is more popular among women globally. 72 percent of users are women.



Continuing to grow with firm steps since its establishment in 2006, Twitter has 330 million active users per month. It is near the end of the list, but to say a few words about how much Twitter is used, we can state that an average of 350 thousand tweets per minute is sent. This means more than 500 million tweets in a single day.

Q&A social media Quora


Quora is a quality social media platform that allows you to ask anything you want and get information from people who have knowledge/ideas about it. With 300 million monthly users, Quora is the right place to learn something about other cultures or topics you have no idea about.

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