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We witness new developments every week in the constantly changing and developing technology world, and we try to convey these news to you in detail. In the past week, there have been very important developments in the world of technology.

In this content, we have brought together both the prominent developments in the world of technology last week and the remarkable contents of the week for you. Let’s take a closer look at all these news.

Highlights of the last week

Now ‘He Has Trouble’: After the Cancelled Tour, the Phenomenon Reynmen Was Sued Due to the Fee He Was Decided

‘Derdim Olsun’, ‘Ela’ and ‘Angel’, as well as the phenomenon known for his personality on social media, ‘Reynmen’, the case filed against him, has been decided today. After the agreement with an organization company of 200 thousand euros , after the event to be held did not take place due to the pandemic, the company asked for the money back, and Reynmen did not accept the refund. The court, on the other hand, decided to reimburse the entire fee (in today’s exchange rate) .

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World Famous St. Calculated the ‘Real’ Inflation Rate in America

World-famous St Steve Hanke, announced by Turkstat He claimed that October 2021 inflation did not reflect reality. According to the calculations made by stin, inflation in October was 58.75 percent on an annual basis.

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Dollars Depreciation Begins to Reflect Sharply on Technological Product Prices: This Is How Smartphone Price Will Be According to New Rate

The depreciation of the American Lira started to show its effects in every field. Technological products, which are among the products most affected by the increase in the exchange rate, also experienced price increases. For example, the iPhone 11’s starting price on November 23 was 8,399 Dollars, and the current starting price is 9,778 Dollars .

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20,000 Users’ Data Shared: New Development in the Cyber ​​Attack Against Yemeksepeti (Updated)

Last week, past 8 After a month, Yemeksepeti was hacked once again, and the attackers, who said they had no connection with the previous attack, demanded a ransom in return for the data. There has been a very important development recently in the event that made quite a stir. It was learned that the criminals threatened the company with sharing the addresses of famous names, singers, politicians and football players .

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Apple Computers Are Selling Even Cheaper Than America’s USA With Dollars’ Shocking Depreciation!

The depreciation of the American lira against the dollar caused a striking development regarding Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro price. So much so that the America price of the 2021 MacBook Pro has dropped even below the US price in dollar terms.

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‘Winter Time Application’ Explanation That Will Be Discussed More Than Its Energy

Energy Fatih Dönmez, this year too made a statement after the summer time discussions. Dönmez announced that with this application , 6 billion Dollars has been saved since 2016.

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