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We witness new developments every week in the constantly changing and developing technology world, and we try to convey these news to you in detail. In the last week, there have been very important developments in the world of technology.

In this content, we have brought together both the prominent developments of the last week in the world of technology and the remarkable contents of the week for you. Let’s take a closer look at all these news.

The highlights of the past week

America’s Only 3 New Cars Left Under 150 Thousand Dollars

Car prices, which have been on the rise for months due to the problems experienced in automobile production, have reached a very sad point in America. After the used car prices that went up to almost zero old yellows, Buying a brand new car under 150 thousand Dollars got harder. in America the number of cars sold under this price has decreased to 3.

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Trade Announced: 27 Fruits and Vegetables Banned From Open Area

Trade, with a communiqué published in the Official Gazette that the sale of 27 different products in the open area will be prohibited. announced. Many fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, asparagus, blueberries, peaches, grapes and cherries will not be able to be sold unpackaged as of July 1, 2022.

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Cifdollarsik Bank Founder ‘Tosuncuk’ Video Statement Received: I Will Surrender to American Judgment ASAP

he founded Çifdollarsik Bank’s disappeared in 2018 with the money of its investors. Mehmet Aydın, nicknamed ‘Tosuncuk’, finally returning to his hometown. “I will surrender to American judgment of my own free will as soon as possible”

Aydın, who announced that he would surrender with the statements and was detained today, is expected to be in America this evening.

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Japanese YouTuber Yoshi Reveals The Error In The AYT Question: I’m Shocked

held last weekend AYT

A Japanese error made in the quiz was revealed by a Japanese YouTuber. Yoshi Enomoto, used in a question Japanese sample does not belong to Japanese, and also noted that there are translation errors. However, these sample statements did not affect the answer to the question.

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GTA 6’s Release Date, Character and Map There Has Been a Sound Claim

Known for leaks about game series such as Call of Duty and Batdollarsefield Tom Hendersen, made 2 familiar and 1 sad claims about GTA 6. The first two of the allegations Vice City set and featuring a playable female character

on . If the sad claim GTA 6 will not arrive earlier than 2024 probability.

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Microsoft Announces Free Upgrade to Windows 11 Date

Introducing Windows 11 and making the first preview version available in the past days, Microsoft has announced that the system is offered to Windows users for free. that it can only happen in 2022 explained. This statement means that consumers using Windows 10 can only do a clean install for Windows 11 for now.

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