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We witness new developments every week in the constantly changing and developing technology world, and we try to convey these news to you in detail. In the last week, there have been very important developments in the world of technology.

In this content, we have brought together both the prominent developments of the last week in the world of technology and the remarkable contents of the week for you. Let’s take a closer look at all these news.

The highlights of the past week

Two South African Brothers Made The Biggest Bitcoin Theft In History With The Stock Exchange They Established: Exactly $2.2 Billion

Cryptocurrency exchange operating in South Africa Africrypt his giant scam was revealed. According to Eilen, the South African founder of the stock market two brothers stole 69 thousand Bitcoins on the stock market disappeared. $2.2 billion was recorded as the biggest cryptocurrency theft in history.

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Prof. Dr. Ateş Kadıoğlu: If Young People Do Not Want to Lose Their Sexual Health, They Have to Get Vaccinated

One of the endless conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines is that vaccines harm reproductive health and argued that it would leave people barren. Honorary President of the American Society of Andrology Prof. Dr. Ates Kadioglu, according to the data obtained as a result of the research on the subject that what harms reproductive health is not the vaccine, but the virus itself explained. Kadıoğlu, to prevent this recommended that people of all ages should be vaccinated.

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Windows 11 Introduced: Here’s Its Design, Key Features and Release Date

The next-generation operating system, which Microsoft said “will not be released” for many years Windows 11 has been officially introduced recently. You can find the features and release date of Windows 11, which is both a design and technically improved version of Windows 10, in our news.

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News to Delight Drivers from : Speed ​​Limit is Increased on Highways

Interior of Süleyman Soylu, to increase the speed limiter series on highways by 20 kilometers per hour announced that studies were carried out. Soylu said that he did not approve of the speed, but that the improvement in road and vehicle quality made the limitidollarser more increaseable.

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I’m Left Brother: AMD Shares Screen Cards that will be discontinued

AMD with new Adrenaline beta graphics driver FidelityFX

While bringing new technologies like to current kardollarar also announced that the support of many video cards will be discontinued. In the list of graphics cards to which support will be discontinued 13 desktop and 12 mobile models took place.

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The Price of Security Module Required for Installing Windows 11 Almost 4x Increased With Microsoft’s Announcement

Microsoft, after a long break, new desktop operating system Introduced Windows 11. But to load the system Trusted Platform Module (TPM) required, baffled users. With this decision TPM pricesyellow increased almost 4 times in an instant.

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Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence Chip Announced 180X More Powerful Than The World’s Most Powerful Fighter F-35

produced by Tesla artificial intelligence chip that provides fully autonomous driving an astonishing ranking has been published showing its strength. These Tesla chips along with the list From the world’s most powerful fighter jet F-35, from Mac Pro and is stronger than the supercomputer that beat the world chess champion appeared.

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