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Cryptocoin. com, some altcoin projects draw attention with their performances in the first days of July in the crypto money markets. These altcoins, which make a lot of money for their investors, are also on the analisdollarserin list. Between July 2 and 9, we review the market’s top-paying cryptocurrencies. Let’s start with AXS…

The first altcoin project that earns the most is AXS

AXS has been moving upwards since the May 19 drop. After bottoming out at $1.80, it managed to find support at higher levels on June 22. AXS has gained a good upward momentum after this period.

Afterwards, AXS, which reached the highest price of all time on the 7th of July, grew 484% in 15 days and managed to reach $ 16.70. However, after spending a very short time at this new top, it continues to trade in the sideways support area, dropping to $10.80 support. According to technical indicators, we can say that the bulls are on the scene for AXS. Therefore, it is an altcoin that should be followed closely in the coming days.

In second place, we have KCS

The second most profitable altcoin after AXS is KCS. After July 3, KCS, which has been dried from the resistance line it has been fighting since April 10, managed to reach a new high at $ 14.85 on July 7 before pulling back. The high was also made at the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level.

Just after July 7, KCS, which fell to $10.40 on July 8, wicked up to $9.30 with hard movements in this region. The price is currently moving sideways slightly above this support zone. Also, technical indicators are still positive for KCS. In possible bullish scenarios, $20 targets can be put on the table after the $14 resistance is broken. Like AXS, KCS is one of the altcoins worth following in the coming days.

Altcoin SNX should not be forgotten

SNX, the third most lucrative name on the list, is starting to show itself on June 26. It then managed to break its ascending channel on July 4, reaching $12.74 within two days. After this peak, SNX, which managed to turn the resistance line of the channel it broke into support, may have completed the fourth wave retracement pattern. The 0.5 Fib retracement gives us the top of $15.64 formed in this pattern. You can follow the continuation of the model from the graph below. Moving on to the next altcoin…

Next name: ONE

Like SNX, ONE has broken an ascending channel. Recording its lowest level at $0.047, ONE managed to gain an upward momentum that will last until June 22. In this movement, ONE was carried above the resistance line drawn from late June, while this area was confirmed to have turned into support after July 7, accompanied by RSI and MACD. ONE’s closest resistance line is located at $0.113.

Listed on AAVE

AAVE has been rising since June 23. It managed to break the descending resistance line on July 2 and later confirmed this area as support. Then, after reaching $347.53 without falling, AAVE, which bounced back to $315, failed to break through this resistance level. Additionally, a breakout of this zone could likely trigger a sharp upward move towards the resistance closest to $476. Technical indicators are on the side of AAVE in this regard. Especially with the RSI above 50 and the bullish slope on the Stochastic Oscillator, the situation becomes clear. Therefore, we can state that AAVE is gaining strength for a possible padollama.

Another altcoin, LUNA

Rising on LUNA since May 23. It continues its upward movement with the high low formed on June 22. We can observe that it follows a potentially ascending support line. The most critical resistance of LUNA is $ 7.30. This creates a potential ascending triangle for the bullish pattern. $1.84 is the region where a breakout from the ceiling region of the triangle will be reached with a 0.5 Fib retracement.

STX takes the last place of the list

Finally, STX has been moving upwards since it dropped to $0.50 on June 22. It managed to hit $1.28 on July 8 and is testing the descending resistance line for the third time. This region is also a horizontal resistance area. STX has been rejected from these regions before and is in decline. With a possible breakout, the next resistance will be found at $1,675 with a 0.5 Fib retracement. From the technical indicators, the RSI is above 50 and the Stochastic Oscillator is bullish and the MACD is almost positive. You can check out the graphic below for a technical review.

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