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People are looking for alternative decentralized solutions that we witnessed this year, leading to the unprecedented rise of decentralized finance, the emergence of DeFi 2.0, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3 development. According to crypto analyst Max Yakubowski, these trends will certainly remain central throughout this new year. So what do other experts think about this? We have compiled the experts’ Bitcoin and altcoin forecasts and market assessments for the readers ofKriptokoin.com .

Experts’ predictions for Bitcoin and altcoins

Ahmed Al-Balaghi from Biconomy

Last year we told us that the future is multi-chain showed. Many DApps are going this route, and those that don’t are still looking for ways to leverage cross-chain liquidity. Currently, many cross-chain interoperability solutions result in fragmented workflows; There is a growing need for infrastructure that provides a single user interface for users to interact with. This will ensure that DApps that need to move funds in the backend will be able to do so with little or no impact on the user experience.

These types of workflows will become much more common and end users won’t even need to know about Blockchain technology to use it. On Web2, payments and transfers happen with minimal clicks within the app. For Web3 to achieve mass adoption, cross-chain transfers must also be in the DApp. This year will be the year of seamless Web3 experiences that finally bring it into the mainstream.

Amanda Keleher

of ConsenSys We live in an era of accelerating transformation, and it is the crypto and Blockchain industry’s responsibility to foster the proliferation of diversity of thinking in our lineup of companies that are endorsed as the best way to drive innovation. Given that the current demographic is so heavily oriented towards men and majority ethnic groups, it’s clear that there is still a lot of work to be done and no easy fixes. However, even in a minority voice, attempts to encourage women and people of color to careers and career advancement in fintech will help raise the profile of a more diverse contingent leadership and demonstrate that the industry can be inclusive.

Ankitt Gaur

from EasyFi Network This year is extremely important for cryptocurrencies and could set its future course. With thousands of innovative projects around the corner, Blockchain technology can be at the forefront of major operations around the world. Blockchain-based gaming is also expected to increase gradually, and the play-tearn model adds a monetary value to the game. But, once again, it is DeFi’s lending protocols that may be central to the action. These protocols move the entire DeFi industry, creating a capital flow and redistributing it efficiently. With layer two multi-chain lending protocols gaining traction, offering futuristic financial services on Blockchain could become a reality.

Chris Kalani

of Phantom Wallet We look forward to opening new cases, playing games and paying out. We think it will be easier to hire people in the future. Speed ​​and cost reduction will open the door to emerging and emerging markets that we haven’t seen in the first wave of DeFi padlocks. First layers and second layers will lead developers to experiment more.

Donald Thibeau of the HBAR Foundation

Brands, brands, brands. Creators, musicians, sports teams, and consumer brands all see tokens and crypto as a mechanism to better engage and grow their community of supporters. My expectation is that a critical kidollarse of these brands will start building and deploying tokenized experiences that will become a default part of building any online or real-world community.

Jane Thomason

of Kasei Holgs Adoption growth will continue and institutional investors will fuel the continued popularity of stablecoins, which are seen as less risky. We will continue to see rapid growth and innovation in developing countries as well. Following the 2021 United Milledollarser Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, there will be plenty of green Blockchain and tokenized carbon offsets and gamification to address climate issues. The adoption of DeFi and NFTs in GameFi has just begun and we will see incredible innovations in this space with community owned s and Metaverse launchers.

Elliott Wave expert Lisa Edwards

I look forward to seeing Bitcoin (BTC) at $100,000, I was hoping to see it last year and as supply dwindles, demand will fill the gap and BTC’s I think it will go over $100,000.

Paolo Ardoino from Bitfinex

Our space is so agile that it has always been difficult to predict what will happen next. I wouldn’t try to second guess what the next big thing will be. Nevertheless, I am confident that the field will continue to develop rapidly as many innovative projects are ready to bear fruit. I think 2022 has the potential to be the year that real-life digital token payments reach a certain critical point. This includes payment processors like the Lightning Network, which are seeing an influx of network users while also acting as a catalyst for a greater Bitcoin vision in terms of payment capabilities.

Roger Ver from Bitcoin.com

2022 looks set to be the year Ethereum replaces Bitcoin (BTC) by market capitalization and almost every metric. Many other cryptocurrencies will likely do the same in the coming years.

Sandra Ro

of the Global Blockchain Business Council In 2022, not having a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology will be a ‘corporate career risk’. Also, 2022 winners will ‘expect the unexpected’ and adapt to invest, serve customers and join new trends. Web3, Metaverse, and DAOs will hit mainstream curiosity in 2022.

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