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NFT partnerships touch on Afghanistan

A new Blockchain project was announced during the week, eager to help displaced women in Afghanistan access education throughout the week. According to the official announcement Bookblocks. io is an NFT company partnering with Afghanistan organization. Their sole purpose is to help women receive an excellent education in the aftermath of the devastating Taliban invasion. Afghan Women’s Organization is a foundation that supports women with access to education and vocational coaching. The organization is international, based in two countries, Afghanistan and the USA, and helps vulnerable women. Bookblocks after collaboration. io will ship NFTs on Oct. The proceeds of the sales will be given to this humanitarian organization. Here are the NFTs:

According to Naheed Samadi Bahram, the organization’s US branch manager, these women constitute “a generation that hopes and dreams about their future with educational opportunities.” The design of NFTs was inspired by the American author Louisa May Alcott. It also highlights half of a woman’s face draped in a single butterfly’s wing:

Nothing is impossible for a determined woman.

Crypto Twitter users discovered a “Rip-off” in NBA Star NFT

Throughout the week, serious complaints have been popping up in the Twitter community about a possible foul game in the NFT field by John Wall. NBA Houston Rockets player NFT token has been discovered to have Fortnite background. Allegedly, NFT’s design team may have plucked one of the backgrounds directly from Fortnite, an online game.

A Twitter user questioned the superstars’ frantic dives into the NFT space, about which they know little or nothing. He accused them of never interacting with the community before starting a “fraud project that they will abandon in three months.” The NBA star initially briefed the public about their upcoming NFT called “Baby Baller”. Proceeds from the token sale, which is estimated at $100,000, will go to charities and the “Ballers community”. But shortly after John posted a preview of his tokenized digital image on social media, some crypto Twitter users observed a quick background link to Fortnite.

https://twitter. com/themariokarters/status/1440648078478901254

Mastercard will reward one lucky user with Mourinho NFT

Another of the NFT updates emerging from the industry during the week concerns a sports personality. This time, Jose Mourinho has won a partnership with Mastercard as he plans to launch his first NFT. The Portuguese executive’s choice has a lot to do with his current role as the company’s global ambassador. Mastercard cardholders will be able to participate in the UK lottery and randomly qualify for cryptocurrencies. Take a look at Mastercard NFT:

Cryptocurrencies have been a force for a variety of marketing campaigns lately. Mastercard’s project also offers an ever-increasing range of cryptocurrencies such as NFTs that are likely to attract a wider range of kids. Thus, the company will randomly award NFTs to the Mastercard holder as a form of reward.

Neopets revives popularity with a new NFT project

According to reports, Neopets, a digital pet fantasy game, is taking steps to rekindle its popularity with a new NFT-based project. The project includes the launch of the first NFT token collections, labeled as the Neopets Metaverse Collection. Raydium, an automated market maker based on the Solana Blockchain, will facilitate the printing and marketing of new cryptocurrencies. Neopet’s popularity has long declined, despite its great early success. In 2005, the gaming company had more than 2.2 billion views, largely off the 100,000 views per day since 2020. Neopets tweeted:

Thank you for sharing with us your views on the new series of newly announced NFTs. Please know that our partnership with Raydium, Solana and Moonvault is legitimate! For more NFT Q&A, please visit us at: http://smarturl. it/lljm84

https://twitter. com/Neopets/status/1441179587795296258

stepped in to launch an NFT project in 2021 with plans to revive its popularity. The NFT project is a way for the company to think it can keep up with the technology that is trendy and relevant to the industry.

Dapper Labs’ $250 million funding round success

During the week, Dapper Labs announced its intention to launch more licensed NFTs following the success of its $250 million funding round. The company will strive for collectibles in entertainment, such as music and other sports codes. Sports-related NFTs were a huge jackpot for the company, raising about $930 million a week after the gold rush. On Wednesday, Dapper Labs, the firm behind Flow Blockchain and widely popular tokenized basketball collectibles NBA Top Shot, announced another $250 million in a funding round led by tech hedge fund Coatue.

https://twitter. com/dapperlabs/status/1440671075465977875

Sorare, a French-based NFT football card game developer, has raised $680 million in Series B funding, according to the report. Sorare’s success was led by SoftBank, a Japanese fintech giant. Realized revenues push the company’s valuation to $4.3 billion. Co-financing for both companies amounts to $930 million.

White Man NFT for sale will go on sale

The White Man NFT for Sale will go on sale at Christie’s in New York with million-dollar expectations. In short, the piece is a 70-second video of a man dressed in a white shirt and black pants, expressionless and motionless, on a busy Brooklyn intersection. Also, masked pedestrians pass in the background. Artist Scott makes the following statements about his work:

Humans are invincible by nature. But as slavery became an integral part of burgeoning capitalism, enslavers sought to turn people into commodities and make them tradable. Enslaved people have been auctioned off in America’s history. These auctions were usually held on a street corner. The enslaved person was kept in a block while the auction was held. It was advertised as ‘niggers for sale’.

The NFT collection of the James Bond series is launching

VeVe has announced that the series of the legendary James Bond franchise will launch the NFT collection. The mobile-first digital collection platform’s partnership with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios (MGM) is also known. Enthusiasts will have access to the collection only through VeVe. According to the information shared with CryptoSlate, you can access the VeVE application from Google Play and App Store and buy collections such as Safrin’s Mask. NFT’s release date will be announced very soon…

https://twitter. com/veve_official/status/1440804816326823946

This meme sold as NFT for $74,000!

Yep, just a little girl and a side view. Chloe Clem, who auctioned this photograph, taken when she was two years old, as NFT, found a buyer for $74,000. This image, which has become an internet phenomenon, came to the fore only as a “meme” and the sale of 25 ETH for 25 ETH attracted the attention of even the BBC, causing Chloe to interview her family.

Meanwhile, Chloe Clem, the mother of the little girl in the photo, said that she did not think much about where she would spend all the money after the sale, and that all of the income would be used for her daughter’s education expenses.

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