A video shared on Twitter, @_aycakaya yesterday, became viral after being shared by many accounts and watched hundreds of thousands of times in a short time. In the video ” I will deal with whoever calls the municipality to get a dog.” said İbrahim Kaya, who informed the municipality to take the dog they were looking after on the street to the shelter. rebelled against the apartment management.

Ayça Kaya, who shared the video, shared the situation in her post. The souls of our neighborhood, which does no harm to anyone, whom we look at as our eyes, which we could not save from death and save from the hands of unscrupulous people. It is requested to be taken to the shelter by the apartment management. I would like to point out that the dog’s kennel is on the street. Our apartment management, which we have managed with a very kind and understanding for years, has exhausted all our patience. It’s only a matter of time before it’s taken, please hear our voices” he asked for help by concisely.

”We are not alone in this world, there are animals too”

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İbrahim Kaya, in the video where he called to those who informed the municipality to take the dog to the shelter, said, ‘ ‘We are not alone in this world, there are animals too. Who is this dog hurting? Let’s be a little human! and found it on my site.

The streets belong not only to us, but also to the animals, who are part of the planet on which we are constantly expanding and urbanizing every corner. Unfortunately, due to human activity, both animals such as cats and dogs, and now increasingly wild animals too is one of the living areas. Chasing them from the corners they have reserved for themselves and imprisoning them in shelters, unfortunately, once again reveals the size of our species’ selfishness.

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