Cryptocoin. com, we are addressing the claims that $2 billion Bitcoin (BTC) was hacked and we focus on the details you need to know. Reports indicate that 45,000 BTC has been moved from FTX wallets to thousands of new wallets.

Explanation on the movement of Bitcoin (BTC) in FTX

After the $2 billion worth of 45,000 Bitcoin transactions, there is a huge amount of rumors and rumors swirling in the cryptocurrency circles that FTX has been hacked. Analisdollarser constantly monitors the movement of cryptocurrencies to new wallets 24/7. What’s behind the transfers? What exactly is it? Is this a BTC hack? There are some opinions from users and investors on the web that FTX has been hacked and the funds have been transferred to the account(s) associated with the black market. It is also said that only about 8,000 coins remain in FTX’s wallets. And the movement of cryptocurrencies was carried out continuously for two days without any pauses, a new wallet was created for each confirmed block.

Some crypto sources suggest that whale holdings have increased by 1,03,600 BTC over the past three weeks, excluding known bulk purchases such as Microstrategy’s. However, the acquisitions did not appear to have affected the price of the coin in any extraordinary way. Meanwhile, a different segment of internet users and investors believe the move will consolidate.

What does FTX say about the movement of BTCs?

The CEO of FTX explained that withdrawal involves combining UTXOs from deposit addresses, and a few days ago they merged some UTXOs into one address to make transactions faster.

https://twitter. com/SBF_FTX/status/1437460791188467712

FTX CEO also mentioned that the process occurs when sending BTC withdrawals. In addition, he stated that a new different address is created for each withdrawal. It’s worth noting that FTX did something similar in March 2021. The statement looks promising for now, as we have not seen a significant change in the price of the leading cryptocurrency. Özedollarse, with the statement made by the stock market, seems to have put an end to the speculations and rumors revolving around the BTC movement, to some extent. The FUD (if any) seems to be clear now, although it did not cause a significant impact on the BTC price.

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