Startup as a company Rivian had a very profitable exit from the funding rounds it participated in last month. In total, these funds 10.5 billion dollar, the electric vehicle manufacturer, which has collected 50 billion dollars said that he aimed to pass and brought many investors to him.

The company, which attracted attention with Jeff Bezos before, is now with a very ambitious development. Rivian who hasn’t even sold a single vehicle yet, going public in November. Even more surprising than that, the company is said to be worth $80 billion. The said development Elon Musk’s also caught his attention.

If they made at least 1 delivery without going public:

These discussions, Rivian, To the United States Dollars Series Securities and Exchange Commission started appearing after submitting the application. Although it may change according to the Commission’s decision, on November 25 The company, which is expected to be offered to the public, is already at its exit. 80 billion dollars can have the value. If that happens, Rivian will be one of the biggest breakout companies this year.

Of course, $80 billion is not a typical number for every new company. In this context, about the company, which is also the focus of great discussions, its rival Elon Musk, founder of Tesla also expressed his thoughts.

In a statement on Twitter, Elon Musk said that before the company went public, at least $ per billion dollars. at least 1 delivery included a statement saying that it should be done. Of course, one delivery per billion was also a reaction to the fact that Rivian still hasn’t made any deliveries.

Other social media users are saying that while companies like Tesla are struggling with many difficulties and gaining large volume, new companies like Rivian are cool. by making such moves before offering products debated whether it was fair to be a rival.

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