While most of the vehicle-related bugs that have popped up on social media lately are from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Halo Infinite’s iconic Warthog also turned out to have a few tick-related issues. Since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode was released early for Xbox’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, some players have discovered that vehicles in the game tend to shrink unexpectedly.

Videos of the Warthog malfunction surfaced on social media, showing a tool that looked like a piece of cake. It shrinks when players interact with the miniature vehicle, and then they drive the mini Warthog around the map.

It’s unclear how widespread the glitch is in the newly released game or what causes it. That said, it’s definitely on the fun side when it comes to glitches, so hopefully 343 Industries will take the time to patch it up.

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Michael Lewis


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