With the increase in the number of people vaccinated worldwide, collective organizations have started to be held again. made in mexico Miss Mexico 2021 was one of these organizations. While everything seemed to be going smoothly in the beauty contest, in which approximately 32 women participated, it turned out that at least 15 contestants had the COVID-19 virus.

As a result of the researches, it was determined that the officials running the organization were among the contestants who had cough and fever. that they should not complain

It turned out that they warned about . The fact that the contestants went to a demonstration school before and had their photos taken with the students made the event even more worrying.

The virus carried by the competitors may have infected dozens of children

Although the world is somewhat relieved thanks to the vaccination campaign, the situation in Mexico is not very pleasant. About 5 thousand new cases are detected every day in the country, which is afraid to take strict measures against the COVID-19 virus. Despite the lack of precautions, crowded organizations continue to be held in the country and Miss Mexico 2021, which was held recently, continues. due to the carelessness of the organizers many people are infected with COVID-19.

According to the statements made about the organization held in the Mexican State of Chihuahua, the organization officials requested that the contestants who feel exhausted or sick should not complain in any way. At the end of the competition because of the officials who ignored all the risks and did not take any precautions. At least 15 out of 32 competitors had COVID-19 virus is random. According to the information given, the virus has also infected some people working in the organization.

One of the details that worried the people living in the region the most was that the competitors organized a school trip for excursion. The contestants, who organized a visit to a school in Tarahumara, gave various gifts to the children and took pictures. in close contact was found. For now, it is not clear whether young children are infected with the virus, but officials said they are investigating the situation.

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