Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more widespread, and even a new one is being added every day. Although it is still a big mystery whether this great progress is a ‘bubble’ or whether it is based on solid foundations, it is certain that it attracts serious attention from people. So much so that a new survey, a central bank willing to use digital currency reveals that there are many.

Central bank digital currencies digital version of a country’s fiat currency) while the series continues, enterprise blockchain startup Guardtime recently revealed that adults from 10 different countries are willing to use central bank digital currencies in a research it has done. Participants of the research almost two thirds, after its release, a central bank says they can use digital currency.Participants believe a major central bank digital currency will debut within three years.

There are also those who want to receive their salary in the central bank digital currency

The enterprise blockchain startup, started by two entrepreneurs, Christopher Leiter and Mike Gault, conducted a survey of ten major regions spanning Europe, the United Arab Emirates and North America. Questionnaire, 64% of the participants showed that if their countries’ central bank issues a digital currency, they want to use it, while the remaining 33% cut also said that if a major currency emerges, they will “probably” use it.

Guardtime’s research states that the company is working with “several central banks around the world” and believes that “the introduction of central bank digital currencies could completely change the k-order of the world”. Only 10% of respondents said they would “never” use a central bank digital currency. Guardtime also says it sees “strong support” from participants who will convert their current savings into a central bank digital currency. in the survey paying salaries in a central bank digital currency also received great support.

33% of respondents want to convert their savings within a month

The Guardtime research report includes the following data on the subject: Nearly one in three adults (33%) in a month a central bank is willing to convert it to a digital currency, while 26% do in one to six months says it can.

Although it is seen in the research that there is a significant percentage of those who are willing to convert their savings into a central bank digital currency, and even to receive their salaries from this unit, there are three things that people care about; The first and most important of these privacy, second for ease of use, third for ease of use Without internet connection ability to trade.

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