US technology giant Google has announced new earthquake warning made its system available in 7 more countries. One of these countries was the Philippines.

Earthquake in the Philippines yesterday just before This system, which gives a warning, warns users of possible dangers. got it prevented. Thanks to Google on social media for the successful operation of the system. thanks tweedollarserial was shared.

Earthquake warning system saved lives

What happened yesterday in the Philippines and 6,7

The system activated in the earthquake measured as what to do in earthquake warned about. Like users to turn off gas supplies, not panic and not use stairs. forgettable at the time of earthquakeapplication showing warnings, from the start of the earthquake few seconds ago gave a warning.

Google has been improving its system since last year, making smartphones the world’s largest into an earthquake forecasting system, and the earthquake in the Philippines proved that this system works smoothly. The system uses sensors in phones. abnormal vibrations works with measurement.

Earthquake warning system also available in America

Google’s earthquake warning system also available in our country. This system is already in most phones. open

It comes as . If you want to check whether this system is turned on, you can use your Android phone ” Settings” from ” Location” settings and there ” Earthquake Warnings” you need to check if the option is turned on.

The system tells you what to do in the event of an earthquake, estimated severity and indicates its estimated distance and draws your attention by making a loud noise along with vibration.

Google deploys this system in countries with high earthquake risk. In this way, users during the earthquake behaving consciously and it is aimed to minimize the damage in earthquakes.

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