Because of the depth of the internet, to a certain extent is known to be suitable for children. For this reason, there are many software/programs on the market to keep children away from harmful content. However, although these programs do their best, when we look at the content such as advertisements or videos, that they could not always protect we can see.

This too unconscious use increases the number of risks it poses. Especially when it comes to children, it is easy to experience millions of different bad scenarios. Google also uses the internet for children on this subject. more secure announced the innovations that it aims to make. There are many innovations, from the removal of unconsciously uploaded photos to the improvements made in age-restricted advertisements.

Removing photos from search results for kids will be easier (parents can too)

At the beginning of the innovations offered by Google for children easier to remove images from search results is coming. Google, which is among the most preferred images in the world, will allow those under the age of 18 to easily remove their photos that appear in the image search section, as part of this convenience. In addition parents too will be able to make this request on behalf of their children.

Google says that when an image is removed, it’s all over the internet. just underlines that it doesn’t show up in search results. This means that the photo floating on the internet will be less visible. Other innovations are as follows:

  • Besides images, Google has changed the video upload setting for YouTube users aged 13-17. most secret by default pulls to option.
  • For users under the age of 18 in the search section SafeSearch, kept on by default. This will apply to both existing and newly opened accounts.
  • In the Assistant section, Google is again for users under the age of 18. will disable location history and a section that lets parents know what apps are being used.
  • When we come to the subject of advertising, it is not suitable for children. better blocking of ads

    for It is stated that the works continue at full speed.

Easy to remove images from search results will be available in the coming weeks. Other innovations both existing and new accounts, we can assume that the image removal will be the same.

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