As it is known, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic about 2 years ago, the majority of businesses working in the electronic environment gave their employees the opportunity to work from home. Thanks to this new order, a significant effect has been seen in the reduction of the spread of the virus, while the majority of the employees have become quite accustomed to working from home; because employees the vast majority still have health concerns.

Technology giant Google is one of the companies that switched to working from home system during the pandemic period. Many companies, including Google, started to return to the office, as vaccination studies were continuing rapidly in the USA and the spread of the virus was slowing down. However, some Googlers still do not want to return to the office because of health concerns. Company, Work from home applications of 10,000 employees has accepted 85%.

Deductions will be made from the salary of those who come to the office from afar before the pandemic

Although Google has accepted the applications of its employees, according to a new statement, some employees who want to continue working from home permanently, who travel long distances to come to the office before the pandemic, will be cut from their salaries. The company relocates its employees a calculator for the impact it will have on their budget has also been presented.

Google offers a series of compensation packages according to the distance from the office of each employee who comes to the office. These payments made before the pandemic will not be made naturally for employees who will not come to the office. The company announced that the amount of deduction will vary between 10 and 25% depending on the region where the employee lives. Google, living in the city where the office is located also stated that no deductions will be made from the employees who will switch to the remote working method.

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