Google, the most popular search engine in the world, will offer 30 minutes of free gaming experience on Google Stadia, its technology, which will not be considered new. Google’s cloud gaming service is gradually attracting the attention of players. If you have Google Stadia, you can try the game you want for free for 30 minutes.

A Stadia representative told The Verge that this is a trial that Google will continue over the next few months, with other select games coming in the coming weeks. According to the explanations, the game that each player will experience for free may be different, and this time may be less than 30 minutes.

If you want to get 30 minutes of free game experience of Google Stadia, follow the steps below.

1- First, access Google Stadia’s account from the link here.

2- Next, create a Stadia account by following the steps (You can cancel the account after the trial is over).

3- Then select the option if they accept the payment.

4- Select “Start Trial” right after

5- Now there is one last step left, and you can add a game to the Stadia Pro library and play as you like for 30 minutes.

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