US-based technology giant Google has been around for a long time. Fuchsia OS

It continues to work on a new operating system called . A few months ago, I first ran this operating system on a device. started using the company has now taken a quiet step towards the new operating system. Fuchsia OS, Nest Hub started to distribute for some of the first generations of their devices.

Google’s start to distribute Fuchsia OS is part of the process. made me think it was just a test. However, in the statements made by Google, it was stated that this situation was not for testing purposes. Besides all first generation Google Nest Hub products on the market, they will get the Fuchsia OS update. In this way, Google will present the operating system it is working on to a large number of users.

Users don’t realize the OS has changed

Fuchsia OS, unlike Android, does not use the Linux base. Instead, the company Zircon has chosen a microkernel. such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and video streaming devices. in many categories is believed to replace the Android ecosystem, with the operating system designed to serve. This operating system is now popular on first-generation Google Nest Hub devices. Moreover, a Nest Hub user, since the operating system has changed doesn’t even get notified. This is an indication that Google is working diligently for Fuchsia OS.

Google’s decision for Nest Hub products will open the doors of a great innovation for the mobile product world. Because the company is Huawei’s HarmonyOS is planning a very wide-ranging ecosystem as he tries to do. The fact that this operating system has started to be distributed to some products means that Fuchsia OS will become more widespread in the coming periods. Who knows, maybe in a few years it will run on Fuchsia OS, not Android OS. smart by phoneswe get the chance to meet. . .

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