Google Chrome now does its primary job much faster. Following a recent update, searches through the search bar at the top of the browser (which Google calls the “Omnibox”) are loading results pre-click much faster than before.

With the latest update of Google Chrome, the company states that the browser has changed. In addition, browser speed statistics are uncertain in real-world usage. But Google said the most common search results are now four times more likely to appear in under 500 milliseconds. This means that when you type something, you will be redirected to the Google search results page much faster. For example, when you search for something about a game, you can see the options offered faster.

Google Chrome will be faster

New improvements in search result speed only apply to those who use Google as their default search engine. Also, the company said that other search engines could use this feature with some tweaks.

It’s unclear if this new update makes Google searches in Chrome faster than the same searches in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but the new technology is powered by Chrome’s unique “PartitionAlloc” memory allocator. “PartitionAlloc” actually regulates the RAM usage of the program on your computer. Previously, search results were stored via caching. In this context, RAM consumption was quite high.

According to Google, the update reduces RAM usage by 22 percent and speeds up other parts of the browser. Users have been voicing Chrome’s RAM consumption for years. We hope this move of the company will solve the problem to some extent.

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Michael Lewis


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