Google rolled out Chrome 94 last month, bringing several new improvements such as HTTPS-First mode, Chrome Sharing Hub, a less cluttered Settings page, and other new features. Google is now offering a new version to users. The latest release, Chrome 95, brings Material You Makeover, secure payment confirmation, the ability to save tab groups, and more for all users on Android 12.

While Google has been slowly updating the Google Chrome Android version with Material You elements in the past months, users had to enable several Chrome flags to get the new design. But now that seems to be changing. According to a report in Android Police, Material You elements redesigned with Chrome 95 are now accessible to everyone by default on Android 12.

Chrome 95 also introduces a new payment extension to WebAuthn to provide a consistent and strong authentication experience for online payments. In its post announcing the new feature, Google said, “Secure payment confirmation enhances the payment verification experience on the web with the help of WebAuthn. This feature adds a new payment extension to WebAuthn. This extension allows a trusted party such as a bank to create a PublicKeyCredential that can be queried by any merchant via the “Payment Request API” using secure payment. ”, talking about the experience the feature offers.

The latest Chrome version also gives users the option to save tab groups. However, this feature is already hidden behind a flag. Users need to enable the “chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save” flag and restart the browser if they want to try this feature. In addition, as spotted by a Reddit user /Arnas_Z, Google is also ending support for devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop with the version of Chrome 95.

Finally, let’s mention that Chrome 95 will be available on the stable channel on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS in the coming days.

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