America’s top technology futurist and best-selling author, George Gilder, said, “We need to establish a base state for the world that will put gold back into play by expressing money as time,” and talked about blockchain technology. He also made golden comments.

Gilder: Gold, out of system

Gilder is also a st and investor. Wealth and his 1981 book was Ronald Reagan’s most cited book. His book described the revolution of Reagan’s presidency. Gilder is also the co-founder of the Discovery Institute and the COSM conference. In 1992, Gilder accurately predicted the arrival of the smartphone and named it a portable computer, the “teleputer.”

Gilder said, “The crisis we are facing in the world right now is that money has become a magic wand for central banks, resulting in a perpetual currency crisis and the savage waste of the world’s largest currency exchanges.” “Money is a measuring stick, and measuring sticks must be based on something outside the system. There is only one [form] coin based on something outside the system and that is gold. Gold is an expression of time, and time is what is scarce when everything is abundant. That is why money is ultimately tokenized time.”

The best-selling author explained that there was a malfunction in the world monetary system and the world communication system. “The answer to these two global crises comes in a new microchip-enabled technology that is almost as transformative as the microchip, and that is blockchain,” Gilder said. “Blockchain leverages the incredible storage power released by the microchip to distribute transaction records over the internet. No single person or single powerhouse can double down, defraud, or change it. Blockchain is an immutable database, a wonderful new invention that will transform the world. ”

Gilder said, “One has to recognize the latest developments in the so-called yellow market of time, which measures the value of anything by the number of hours you have to work to buy it.” For more gold news Cryptocoin. com “Analyst Warns Gold Investors: Check Out!” You can review the article.

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