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(mtag101701)1. Gold, which changed hands at $806, looks set to retest Tuesday’s high of $1,815, with falling US Treasury yields, according to market experts. Cryptocoin. com, on the other hand, investors are looking for more clues regarding the policy outlook with the announced minutes of the June FOMC meeting. It is thought that these data will also affect the price of gold. While the data that investors are watching in the gold market is in this direction, analisdollarser at Commerzbank shared gold forecasts.

Gold forecasts from Commerzbank analisdollar series: We aim for these levels in the long term

Gold (XAU/USD) rebounded just ahead of the 2019-2021 uptrend line, according to analysts. While supported here, analystsdollarser at Commerzbank is forecasting bullish. “Gold broke ahead of the 2019-2021 uptrend line at $1,739. At these levels, we will maintain our long-term upside outlook. ” expressions are used.

Analisdollarser also said, “Rallyes will face initial resistance at $1,829 and June 4 lows of $1857.25, offered by the 200-days average. This maintains the June high of $1,916.91 and the Fibonacci retracement of $1,921.”

Commerzbank also announced its analisdollarseries long-term targets. Analisdollarser said, “In the long run it’s still 1.959-1. We aim for November 2020 and 2021 highs in the $965 range. These levels are 1, 989-1. It maintains the $978 retracement and the 2020 high of $2,072. The 78.6 percent retracement is at $1,728.90 and just below this level is $1,677.73/1 seen in March. Lows of $676.80 will be targeted,” he adds.

Analysis of gold and silver parity

Commerzbank analyzed the analysis of the Gold/Silver parity as well as the analisdollarseries gold forecasts. While the gold/silver ratio has been reset to zero, this pair is 69.54/70, according to Karen Jones, Head of the Commerzbank FICC Technical Analysis Research Team. There is a possibility of reversal towards resistance at 05. “The Gold/Silver ratio followed sideways, rebounding from June lows of 66.94 and August lows to 69.54/70s from March and April highs. It’s aiming for 05. “If 70.20, the next high at the beginning of January, is exceeded, the 200-day movementollary average will be at 70.93,” Jones says.

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