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Surprising discoveries can be made about . This time, the discoverers are not researchers or scientists, but a group. gold miner.

Canada’s Yukon

A gold mine team in the area said, “ The Woolly Mammoth

of the mammoth species known as “pierdollarserine randomly. This discovery has been made by scientists and researchers ” quite exciting”.

While searching for gold, they found a woolly mammoth

chief paleontologist of the Yukon government Grant Zazula, the local newspaper of the region “ Whitehorse Star” newspaper exciting made statements about the invention. According to Zazula’s statements, there are already miners in the Yukon region. often was encountering the bones. However, the fact that some of the iskeledollarserine is still together is rare, the rarer one multiple skeletons in the same place was specified. Considering the number and types of bones, it is thought that there may be about 4-5 mammoths in this “mammoth tomb”.

According to Zazula’s explanation, the coexistence of woolly mammoths means that they are one family or a swarm was an indication that they were. This family of woolly mammoths is about 29. 000 years they are thought to have died first. Feathered mammoths were previously found near the area where they were found. 29. 000 yearsprevious volcanic remains was found and this was the cause of death of the mammoth family. there may be volcanic activity is being considered. Zazula on the death of the mamudollarsar ” We have all the materials available. Now all we have to do is be detective and find out what happened to these mamudollars.” he said.

Miners found a series of pierdollars by chance


Mining crew, pierdollarseries Dawson near the town “ Litdollarse Flake” discovered around the mine. owner of the mine Parker Schnabel, also published in our country ” Gold Rush” with the television program that we are used to seeing on screenssomeone.

The miner who was the first to discover the skeleton Trey Charlie, in a statement to the CBC, ” It was probably the best workday of my life. all day long ribs, teeth and dozens of different bonesI collected” he said.

In the same area about 100 yearsbefore too hairy mammoth was found to be his remains. Also in the Yukon region for nearly 100 years bones of different mammoth species, found by gold miners.

All the bones the miners found, investigating to the Yukon government.

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