Gold fiadollaryellow, currently trading at $1,760. Mixed emotions prevail in the market and it is difficult to determine a clear direction. Analysts and experts have different expectations for the yellow metal and silver. Because it is a question of when the FED will go to monetary tightening. Cryptocoin. com

As , we have compiled warm gold and silver comments for you, let’s examine them together…

TD Securities strategiesdollarseries: Gold flows have been eerily quiet lately

Gold flows have been eerily quiet lately. The stagflation narrative influences the way the market thinks, not the gold bugs, as strategistdollarserin at TD Securities points out. TD Securities Strategiesdollarseries has the following comments on the subject:

Central bank gold purchases slowed. The lackluster changes in global yellow metal ETF holdings contrast with the rise in stagflation-themed news. This shows that high inflation and slowing growth are increasingly confusing the market, but the theme has not yet turned into gold inflows. Central banks have slowed their purchases and withdrawn a critical bid for the market after their recent purchases. Recent data highlights that positions are inflated relative to historical data. While Shanghai yellow metal longs are approaching historical lows, it shows that the decline in gold prices is unlikely to turn into a rout.

EB Tucker: They will never stop! It will never stop…

When will the Fed go to monetary tightening? Metalla Royalty director and “Why Gold, Why Now?” EB Tucker, author of the book, answers this question by saying “never”. EB Tucker, “Now the debate is why they will stop quantitative easing? They will never stop. It will never stop. ” said. EB Tucker said inflation is not temporary and the Fed needs it like drug addiction. EB Tucker comments on the subject:

That’s 14 years of an emergency. Remember, 13, 14 years ago we said we needed some help… Imagine, 13 years later you still get a lot of help…

Jim McDonald: The stage is set for the silver to paddle!

Kootenay Silver’s CEO, Jim McDonald, said “the stage is set” for the silver’s paddling, saying it’s just a matter of timing. According to Jim McDonald, silver will break through this $30 barrier and go much higher than $50. Currently, Jim McDonald stated that the gold/silver ratio, which is at 77, could drop to 30.

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