Whale Alert reports that an incredible amount has been moved from the leading altcoin Ethereum by whales and several major crypto exchanges. In the last 24 hours, approximately 105,199 ETH has been transferred in large transactions initiated by crypto whales. Transfers are made between anonymous wallets and from exchanges to wallets that do not have registered owners. Let’s examine the details of whale transactions together…

Source: Whale Alert

Huge whales are moving from the leading altcoin ETH to the stock markets!

In the last twenty-four hours, around 105,199 ETH has been transferred in massive transactions initiated by crypto whales. Transfers were made between anonymous wallets and to wallets with no registration on exchanges. The total value of these Ethereum transfers is $359,930 470 in fiat currency.

Source: Whale Alert

The day before, the most significant transaction moved 168,220 ETH, which was a massive $562,204,337 transaction between unknown wallets. Looking at other transfers, more than 29,000 ETH stashes were transferred to HitBTC with two parties of 60,000 ETH, 26,678 ETH, 27,251 ETH (this was moved from Binance) and 12,480 ETH.

Source: Whale Alert

Latest whale moves series now scares investors

Prior to these transactions, the Bitcoin price rose above $46,000 at one point, causing ETH to surge to $3,440 after $35 million of ETH was burned. ETH is up 4.30% and settled at $3,439. At the time of writing, ETH is changing hands at $3,205, down 4%. Bitcoin price is down 2% to trade at $44,460. There are serious losses in the market at the time of writing, and in the top 10, SOL is the most bleeding coin.

ETH/USD 4 hourdollar chart | Source: TragView

At the beginning of August, leading altcoin Ethereum is gradually fading after the London hard fork took place and the ETH burn mechanism was activated. Cryptocoin. com, nearly $35 million was burned in ETH as the number of active addresses on the network reached an all-time high. The latest whale movements are now scaring investors. In an environment where fiyadollarsars are falling, there is a growing concern that more whale movements will cause. While there are big losses in the market, stay tuned to be informed about the last minute developments!

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