You’ve heard of many reports of things washed ashore from an ocean. A large sea creature, plastic waste or sometimes boats. Recently in El Salvador more interesting than anything you can think of there was a ‘grounding’ incident.

In a video shared on the YouTube channel Cholopanza Vlogs, there was a giant structure that seemed to have washed up on the beach. in the region reported to appear recently and the video of the building, which creates a very surprising view, will be on both YouTube and Tiktok in a short time. has gone viral.

It was an old hotel:

Of course, after such a surprising and ‘mysterious’ structure suddenly appeared on the beach and the video went viral. the region has met with intense interest from turisdollarserin. While Turisdollarser was trying to discover the villa and solve its mystery, plenty of ‘mysterious’ stories were also revealed by the local people. One of them is a ghostly story told by young people living in the region.

However, the inner side of the work points to a hurricane that is far from mysteries. The local newspaper, La Prensa Grafica, reported that the building used to be A hotel named Hotel Puerto Ventura

It turned out to be . Built on the coastline to attract the Turisdollars to the region, the hotel is approx. From a major hurricane 20 years ago was affected. The hurricane dragged the building with it. The structure, which disappeared with the effect of the rising sea level and the hurricane, reappeared years later due to the change in sea level, and this surprising view emerged.

If you want to take a closer look at the old hotel:

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