The world’s most popular online series and movie platform Netflix, that he will soon enter the game industry had explained. It was already known to everyone that the company has been working on these games for a while. Now, Netflix, which has taken a new step on the subject, Poland

Started a test that can be experienced by users at . This test presents the company’s first mobile games to users.

The test that Netflix launched in Poland is only Android users

Valid for . Also, for now, only two mobile games can be played. these games Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3. In the statements made by Netflix, it is stated that this is a long journey, and the test initiated is only the first step of this long journey.

No extra payment for games on Netflix

Netflix, in a statement it made in the past months, has no plans for the games to be offered on the platform. no fee will be charged and announced that there will be no ads in these games. News from Poland suggests that mobile games under testing confirms that reveals. In addition, it should be noted that the games offered by the platform to users for testing are played by downloading, not streaming.

Netflix on whether to expand the scope of gaming testing didn’t give any explanation. So whether the number of games will increase in the near future or whether this process will go out of Poland for now. unknown. However, if the company continues to make games about content that is very popular on the platform, this feature seems to work mudollarda.

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