South Korean tech giant Samsung managed to satisfy its users in general with its kadollarsable phones this year. Although some did not like these devices for some personal reasons, the new technology, which received a passing grade from the technology press in general, Z Flip and Z Fold models, now also Galaxy Buds before us.

Samsung, which, like every company, provides certain additional products or services to its users who pre-order their products, In Galaxy Buds 2 included a kind of gift that would almost complete the team. Samsung offers its users who purchased the headset with the pre-order option open for 1 week in South Korea. Galaxy Z Flip 3 themed box too gifted.

Comes in 4 different color options:

Open for pre-order in South Korea for about 1 week. Galaxy Buds 2

The model provided certain returns to its users who pre-ordered it. The most striking of these, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 themed box, includes the charging station of the headphones. was a tiny model of a smartphone

like is showing.

The box does not replace the charging station but just wraps it around. there is no innovation.

Samsung from earlier models Galaxy Buds Pro made a similar move in its pre-orders. The charging station of the headphones in question was designed to resemble Samsung’s old flip phone. This year, instead of nostalgia, a more modern design was followed.

It is not known whether the Z Flip 3 themed clamshell box of the Galaxy Buds 2 will be sold separately, but the Anycall-themed ones can be found on the internet request. also available for sale. If they move from here, we can think that Z Flip 3 themed kuudollars will also go on sale. Although it is unclear whether it will come to America, let’s say that the price is expected to be $ 30 (approximately).

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