G. Skill first announced the high-end Trident Z5 memory and later expanded the series with options up to 6600 MHz. The company has now launched the new low profile height and high performance DDR5 Ripjaws S5 series.

The manufacturer says the Ripjaws S5 kidollarserin has gone through the G. Skill tesdollarser and carries hand-scanned high performance ICs to ensure the best performance, compatibility and stability. Coming in matte black or matte or color options, the Ripjaws S5 caters to a wide range of kidollarges for gamers, enthusiasts and everyday users.

The new memory kidollar series will be available in a variety of configurations with speeds from 4800 MHz to 6000 MHz and capacities up to 32 GB. With a low profile height of 33mm, the Ripjaws S5 series is a viable option for compact Mini-ITX builds or systems with large CPU coolers.

DDR5 memory is designed to support increased module capacity from 16GB up to 128GB per module. For this reason, we will see different capacity options in the coming period. G. Skill also announced that it will make its new RAMs available as of November 2021.

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