Not a day goes by that it happened in our beautiful country. we will have a hard time believing don’t let an incident happen. This time, some images that fell on the internet caused millions of citizens to laugh. So much so that a land-bound car crashed into a fish whose habitat was tadollar or salty. ” I can’t live in another country“, the event that made America sat on the social media agenda.

According to the information found in Sinop, Akliman Recreation and Picnic Area

The event in takes place as follows; A group of citizens are pulling a fish they caught with a fishing line. At those moments, the citizen, who quickly pulled the fishing line back, said that the fishing line with the fish on the end is causing. Just at that moment, a passing car hits the fish at the end of the line. The unfortunate fish, under the influence of this crash is being thrown for meters.

The video of the traffic accident with fish, which is perhaps the first in the world

One of the remarkable things about this strange traffic accident that makes you think while laughing is that the citizen feeling guilty. The citizen who caused the fish to be thrown towards the road apologizes to either the fish or the driver of the vehicle that hit the fish. These interesting moments are at the top of the topics that social media has talked about the most in the last few days. If you wish, now you can talk about the traffic accident in Sinop. to the funniest comments let’s see.

Shares about the event, which is a candidate to be one of the most interesting traffic accidents in the world

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