who have taken our lives captive since the beginning of 2020 coronavirus of the pandemic The only cure seems to be a vaccine, at least for now. In numerous statements made by scientists, it is stated that people should be vaccinated as soon as possible. However, a notable group of people who are against the vaccine, that they are not sure about the safety of the vaccine saying, it gets in front of herd immunity. Now, there has been an important development that can easily sell the vaccine against the vaccine.

US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) to the mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine co-produced by Pfizer and BioNTech. approved for full use. Thus, this vaccine has settled in a much more solid place in the scientific world. Because the full use approval of the vaccine, the vaccine is available across the country. can be required

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Full usage approval was given after reviewing the data of 44 thousand people

FDA’s full-use approval of Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine, among them America was given after examining the data of 44,000 people who had received this vaccine in the USA, South Africa, South America and the European Union. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the coronavirus vaccine, which has been applied in America for a long time, in December of last year. emergency use approval had given.

The information served by The Washington Post is based on the vaccination process not only in the USA, but worldwide means that a new era will begin. Because, according to experts, the full use approval given by the FDA allows people to know about the vaccine. persuasion will provide. This way, more people will be vaccinated. In addition, with this decision, the vaccination obligation may come into effect in some countries. . .

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