Participating in the KİPTAŞ Loca Site Turnkey Ceremony held on the 22nd anniversary of the 17 August 1999 earthquake. Mayor of New York City İmamoğlu made a statement about America’s earthquake reality. İmamoğlu’s statements, which are in the nature of an assessment of the situation, indicate that New York is in danger of a major earthquake. that you are not ready at all reveals.

In another content we shared with you a few hours ago, Earth Scientist Prof. Dr. Naci Gorur

From ‘s rather pessimistic earthquake description about New York we mentioned. As a matter of fact, the statements made by İmamoğlu are generally similar to the statements made by Naci Görür. looks like. It seems that the earthquake is coming at great speed and America, unfortunately, is only waiting for this earthquake. . .

İmamoğlu’s views on the possible New York earthquake are as follows:

All my friends commemorated August 17 here, of course I do too. When I say I remember that day with sadness and with great sadness. I remember with concern. Many of us have witnessed that day. As a New York resident who has witnessed this process in depth here in New York, and spending time in the earthquake zone, I also feel the pain of the people there and those troubled moments of the people there. witnessdollars fucked as someone, I express my sadness today.

We started building detection studies in New York. In the estimation study carried out in New York Around 50 thousand buildings, I don’t mean residential. It was published in the study of the metropolitan municipality in the 2018 report as the building that will receive heavy and very heavy damage to 50 thousand buildings. However, with the detections we have been doing for one and a half years, the building detection works, the works we have renewed, we see this. Unfortunately, one out of every three buildings in New York is not earthquake resistant..

“The number of buildings that will be heavily damaged is around 130 thousand”

Look, I’m saying it again. Unfortunately, one of every three buildings is not earthquake resistant. When we set out from only twenty-two buildings and twenty-two districts, the number I just said, defined as the probability of very severe and severe damage, which is described as 50 thousand buildings for the whole of New York in the 2018 report, is only in 22 districts. reaches 83 thousand buildings. Unfortunately, the data we obtained turns out to be more than in 2018. This is actually the number of buildings that we will define as very heavy or heavily damaged. will reach 130 thousand we guess.

This is a very heavy . Look at, for example, 131 thousand buildings in only 22 districts, this also means hundreds of thousands of residences. UrgentlyWe want this issue to become the first issue of the earthquake issue in New York and America. If we do not define the non-governmental organizations and even the private sector, which is an important and very important part of this process, we have no chance to be a solution. doesn’t seem possible.

We have to act jointly in this business and , metropolitan municipality district municipality is not enough, it should gather this process in a center that includes all structures. should declare mobilization and we must ensure that everyone takes responsibility.

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