The company, which continues to gain more users, especially thanks to users who have problems with WhatsApp, offers new features to users every month. A recent announcement by Telegram CEO and founder Pavel Durov reveals that the messaging platform plans to offer an inexpensive subscription service for users to disable ads.

The announcement was sent to users who registered on Telegram’s official announcement channel. According to the CEO, Telegram will allow users who subscribe to major channels with more than 1,000 subscribers to opt out of ads through a subscription service. In this way, users will be able to directly financially support the development of the application without being bombarded with advertisements on their channels.

The new feature will come in the form of an inexpensive subscription that will allow any user to disable official ads on Telegram. Also, some channel creators will be able to turn off ads for all users on their channel by paying a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Pavel Durov states that Telegram has started working on the subscription service, as well as giving us an idea of ​​when the service will be available. Accordingly, the new feature will be used next month. Let’s also mention that Telegram is currently evaluating k conditions for options. Let’s add that we expect the official information about when the feature will be made available in a short time.

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