A new one has been added to the campaigns launched to encourage the coronavirus vaccine. Known for its breadth of food reputation Gaziantep

A restaurant serving in announced that it will give free kebabs to citizens who come with a vaccination card. Citizens of Gaziantep, where the vaccination rate is low, instead of encouraging the vaccine is believed.

The campaign started by a citizen named Erkan Ayık in his own restaurant, heavy attracted attention. A citizen named Erhan Aslanoğlu, who ate free kebab by taking advantage of the campaign; ” We came here after seeing the campaign. We showed our vaccination cards and ate our food. In order not to return the fillings everyone needs to follow the measures and get their vaccinations mudolsaka. We ask everyone to be sensitive about this issue.“.

Restaurant owner: We don’t want to go back to the old limited days

One of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic is was food. Restaurants, which are completely closed during periods of high curtailment, can only serve as take-away services. financedollarseries they were able to save. Erkan Ayık, who made statements about the campaign he started, also touched on this issue. The restaurant owner’s statement on the subject is as follows;

We have suffered due to the closures during the pandemic process. We are saddened to see the cases increase and we don’t want to go back to the old restricted days. So we thought about how we can encourage people to get vaccinated. As a result, we came up with such a method. To our guests who have their vaccinations at food service The demand for our campaign is quite high and our guests are satisfied with the application. We ask those who are not vaccinated to be sensitive and get their vaccinations as soon as possible. We do not want to be locked into the old closing days and houses.

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