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There is the legend of Herobrine, which is proposed as and is seen as a kind of Slender Man. This legend, which was first mentioned in a 4chan post, was not noticed by the players for a long time.

However, a publisher named Copeland shared images that prove the existence of this strange character in the game. Occurring in single player games Herobrine looks a lot like Minecraft’s default skin. The only difference is that their eyes are white. In addition, according to legend, he also exhibits strange behaviors such as digging 2×2 tunnels in rocks.

Herobrine legend

Herobrine, one of the developers of Minecraft, according to Creepypasta Markus Alexej Persson aka Notch’s deceased brother. It is thought that Notch may have written his deceased brother to continue living between lines of code. But of course none of these are real, according to the news in PCGamer, there is neither Herobrine nor Notch’s brother.

At this point a but we need to squeeze more because the Minecraft world where Herobrine is seen for the first time is real. Unfortunately, it is unknown what this world is. Certain Minecraft worlds according to PCGamer can be regenerated with sources (seeds). So if you do not know the source, it is not possible to do such a thing.

If you still want to see Herobrine, which does not exist normally, you are in luck because a user resource named andrew_555 (Kminster) has been discovered. Details of the source are as follows:

  • Seed: 478868574082066804
  • Version: Java Alpha 1. 0. 16_02
  • Alpha cooradollarsar: X = 5. 06 Y = 71 Z = -298. 54
  • Modern coordollarsar: X = 5. 16 Y = 71 Z = -298. 53
  • Camera angle: RX = 93. 75 RY = -1. 2nd

If you want to see the original Herobrine world Minecraft Java Edition

You need to download . Then as the version a1. 0. You need to edit the recording file by selecting 16. However, there is also a world file prepared for this. This way you will be able to create a revamped Herobrine world where you stand exactly where you need to be.

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