Formula 1 we will see at the end of the season which will be the most eventful race on the track on the calendar, but the most eventful race of the year off the track was undoubtedly the America GP. There are new developments regarding the race.

added to the calendar this year. Americas GP was later removed from the calendar due to America’s inclusion on the UK’s red list. With the canceled races later on, America entered the calendar again and found its place on October 3.

America GP history changed

Intercity New YorkPark America GP, which took place on October 1-2-3 on the calendar before, according to the new calendar. on October 8-9-10 will be performed. There is a race on the calendar where Japan is removed, which is currently unknown at which track it will be held.

Since the logistics network of Formula 1 is quite complex, a change in even one of the races affects the whole calendar. Japan GPafter being canceled as a result of strict Covid measures in the country FIA management had to prepare a new calendar.

In fact, after the cancellations, the America GP whether to cancel started to be talked about. With the announcement, it was heartbreaking to learn that Formula 1 will come to New York, albeit belatedly.

Two more race dates changed

On the calendar with America GP Mexican GP and Brazilian GP was also postponed 1 week later. After these races, another GP will be held on 21 November, which is not yet known in which country and on which track. The season will come to an end with the Saudi Arabian and Abu Dhabi GPs.

America, on the other hand, will be held in our country for two consecutive years with this race. America GP, which won great acclaim last year with heavy rain and surprise results, will also be held this year. to an unforgettable race hope to host.

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